Serious post- day 1 of water fast

Asked on March 19, 2013
Created March 19, 2013 at 3:22 AM

so im less than 2 hours away from finishing day 1 of the water fast. already im concerned because i sweated a lot last night, and i think i lost some sodium, i was feeling dehydrated today despite an average water intake.

im already feeling hungry...but now, that hunger means something else.i now hunger for success, i feel the hunger to rise up, i feel the hunger to become who i am tgruly supposed to be. i am a revolutionary, and i will save the world. in that hunger i shall find strength. i shall embrace the hunger, embrace the madness, and embrace the revolution.

the withdrawals are hitting to, but not as badly as before...my body is so sick, it is as if it is unable to die. i also weaned off the few weeks before, something i usually didnt do. of course, i was never at 2 gallons a day, either... i vomited blood this morning, than bile this afternoon, and now the chills and shakes are setting in.

all normal procedure- ive been here before. its been bad before- skin turns yellow, skin turns blue, liver bulges out and hurts, etc. the heroin is bad, but the alcohol and junk food is worse for sure.

i feel likei MUST suceed. i owe it to family, friends, myself...and the world. see, i believe I can save the world if i rise up. i will bring forth the transhumanist revolution, i will become a cultural icon and inspire forthcoming generations to take up the life extension movement.

ive also decided im having another 20th birthday- im doing 20 over.

Another video tonight, im going to tell you about the ???celebrity eat out list??? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6lvvB510L-T9n04dvSS-A

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