risk assessment of eating tomatoes(nightshades) for lycopene, against gut leaks?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 20, 2011 at 10:59 PM

  1. Merits of eating tomatoes to protect against prostate cancer by lycopene
  2. Demerits of gut leaking in nightshades

Question: what is numerical estimation of merits and demerits for ultimate decision to eat tomatoes or not?

Or just take different vegetable like broccoli?



on April 20, 2011
at 11:25 PM

I think you should proceed scientifically...flip a coin.

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2 Answers



on April 20, 2011
at 11:09 PM

Context? If youre fit and have no autoimmune disease. Very low risk. If not youre playing russian roulette.


on May 05, 2011
at 03:35 AM

At 64 - I already had prostate cancer - tomatoes are the only nightshade I seem to have a lot of difficulty divorcing myself from - now that the spaghetti squash season is just about over, maybe I'll find it easier - but that squash with (not too much) marinara really sustained me! Even with RA - my symptoms have drastically improved - I've been on disability for 5 yrs - now I wish I could return to work, my cane's retired, and I'm walking all over Manhattan - lost almost 30 lbs. - wish I didn't have to have another surgery to go through this summer, I can't work out to get the "paleo-physique" because of health issues - but I'm sold on this way of life - maybe after surgery I'll give up tomatoes - who knows - then again if I'm tolerating - and improving health-wise don't fix it if it isn't broken - I'll see! Maybe you can go strict the first month and introduce them back to see how your tolerance is.

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