Requesting seasoned label readers help: Is this Turkey Bacon Healthy?

Answered on December 04, 2013
Created December 04, 2013 at 1:48 AM

Hi everyone,

I asked a question back in '12 and folks around here were VERY helpful, so apologies as I bother you all once more. Brief background: I am attempting to work on a "strict" Paleo lifestyle and wasn't sure if the Turkey Bacon I had come across was as healthy as I would like. I've seen people on various Paleo sites around the net advocating bacon (and yet some who say don't get carried away) and was hoping I had found a good choice. Or is there some special place these individuals are ordering their special Paleo bacon?

The food label reads as follows...

Serving Size: 1 slice (28g)

Servings Per Container : about 12

Amount Per Serving:

Calories - 40 (Fat Cal 15)

Total Fat - 1.5g (0 Saturated and 0 Trans)

Cholesterol - 20mg

Sodium - 180mg

Total Carbohydrate - 0g (0 Dietary Fiber and 0 Sugars)

Protein - 6g

Ingredients: Turkey Thighs, Water, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Celery Powder, Paprika, Onion Powder, Spice.

As for the amount... I would probably have 8 servings in a sitting if I am being honest and consistently have it as one of my meals during the day. Well if it is healthy to eat that is. I tried this and it was quite delicious which has me concerned. Don't get me wrong. I know Paleo food can be more than enjoyable, but I'm used to the pleasant Paleo meals I prepare taking effort to get to that point. Something this amazing right out of the package seems to good to be true.

The Sodium content and "raw sugar" were my main worries (the label list 0g of sugar, so how does the raw sugar even factor in?


And thanks in advance for those of you who have taken the time to read this. Those of us unable to find help in the day to day world sure do benefit from such a friendly community.



on December 04, 2013
at 01:57 AM

sugar content is negligible, it is listed after the salt, so it is less than the salt content.

from memory, they can getaway with listing it as 0g because it is less than 1g per slice, so they effectively round it down (or it may have to be less than 0.5g for them to round it down, cannot recall which it is labelling wise).

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on December 04, 2013
at 03:22 AM

i think this is the turkey bacon i have in the fridge. i always buy this kind and it's really good. definitely meatier than regular pork bacon.

i'm all about the carb content so if that's so low that's it's not affected by the small amount of sugar in the ingredients, then i'm okay with it.



on December 04, 2013
at 02:48 AM

Is it healthy? Well, that depends on your definition of Healthy...

It is not "un-healthy". Personally, I think 8 servings a day is a bit of overkill. I probably would to 2 servings with about a cup of shreded Brussels Sprouts or Kale...

As for the ingredients. I prefer pork to turkey, but there is nothing wrong with turkey thighs. The water, sea salt, Raw Sugar, Paprika, Onion Power, Spice (?) -- nothing looks bad there.

Celery Powder is used as a replacement for nitrites, so if you feel a need to avoid them (I don't) I'm not sure celery powder is any better.

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