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Answered on November 17, 2013
Created November 16, 2013 at 11:41 PM

Hi there. So I have been eating paleo off and on for the past year or so. When I do eat it, I feel much better overall: I have less stomach/bowel discomfort, my energy levels are more stable, I have less skin problems, and I enjoy the food. I have a bit of fat to lose, and after a lot of research I have decided to try ketosis.

My question is for those who have successfully used ketosis to lose fat. I will be cooking most of my meals from scratch, and trying to accurately count my macros to stay within carb limits sounds exhausting. Do I just need to suck it up and do it? Or is there an easier way to keep track of carbs?

Bonus question: I am worried about not eating enough calories because I don't want to smother everything in cheese. I haven't noticed any major negative effects from dairy but I don't want any subtle reactions to negate my efforts. Will not eating 1800+ calories a day cause problems? I am a 24 y/o female with about 90 lbs to lose. Thanks in advance!!

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on November 17, 2013
at 06:16 PM

Check this guy out... he's an engineer, an MD, an accomplished amateur athlete, a self-experimenter & nutrition researcher. He writes a bog that is a wealth of information & he sells nothing on it. His blog is his hobby, he has other professional pursuits to earn a living.

He spent over a year in nutritional ketosis, fueling his rather substantial physical exercise on fat. He has written a goodly amount on various states of ketosis.




His undergrad degree is mechanical engineering & applied mathematics... so his blog can get a bit deep & geeky (I love it!). But he writes well and his stuff is understandable even if you don't have an engineering, science or bio background.


Check it out, I think you'll be glad you did.


on November 17, 2013
at 12:28 AM

When first starting a keto diet most recommend starting out with under well under 50, usually under 30g per day. It should be very easy to track this as single servings of many things can me many times this limit. If you have a smart phone or internet access you can google just about anything to get the nutritional information. Just type "nutrition" after the food you are going to be consuming and the nutritional information will pop up on the side. If you do not have internet access most of the day then get used to planning ahead. When you diet like this there will be a need for plenty of planning ahead.

Note that things change as you go along. Once you are adapted to keto you can usually intake more carbs than before while staying in ketosis. Also, your cravings for carbs and your general appetite all-around will probably subside.

Without knowing your macros I can not make many recommendations. I have done every variation of keto you can think of and do not even have a hard time on high protein keto diets. On that diet I lost 20lbs in around 2 weeks, just make sure to get plenty of salt, potassium and took a lot of BCAAs. Just plan ahead and make sure you add plenty of variation.

I cannot comment on calories as I never take them into account or track them.

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