Pumpkin seed oil- Is it paleo?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 14, 2012 at 5:08 PM

So pumpkin seed oil- is it paleo?

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on March 14, 2012
at 06:50 PM

I'm starting to think that the answer to the "is it paleo?" question is generally the same answer as the question "would you eat it if you made it yourself?" I'm sure there are exceptions, but in general, if the answer to the the second question is no, we're probably talking about a processed food. And those don't typically tend to be paleo.

You might make your own olive oil (folks have for generations), but I'm guessing most of us wouldn't bother making pumpkin seed oil. It's a neolithic food.

Now, the answer to the question "can I include this in my paleo diet?" is generally a different one that takes into account what your goals are, how healthy the source of the foodstuff, and how important it is to you.



on March 28, 2012
at 07:51 PM

Old Paleo- no. New Paleo- of course. Seed oil is to be avoided at all cost as much as possible- besides much of the pumpkin seeds used in the US is from China- nuff said about that.


on January 22, 2013
at 08:23 PM

We buy pumpkin seed oil from a local Huillere (oil man). Who grows and presses pumpkin seeds for our local growers markets. Their family has started a website if your interested. seedoilcompany.com

Pumpkin seed oil has so many incredible properties, it should be in every diet. Not just Paleo. Seed and fruit oils have been in the human diet since time began. Are there some better than others for eating? Yes.

But all have beneficial properties for consumption and for cosmetics, as long as they aren't franken monsanto seeds or some chemically extracted dead oils.

For a alternate to Canola, Corn, and Soy oils. There is always Camelina "the better flax".

It has high omega 3 and natural vitamin E. It has a long shelf life without preservative synthetics.



on March 14, 2012
at 06:31 PM

Wikipedia says "the total unsaturated acid content ranged from 73.1 to 80.5%." I'd avoid it, or at least stick to whole pumpkin seeds. At least that way you get some zinc with your n6.



on March 14, 2012
at 06:17 PM

Seed oils are generally considered un-good due to the high n6 content. Do you know what the n6/PUFA content is? I have no idea, but my guess would be quite high.

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