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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 29, 2012 at 11:49 AM

Hi hackers, I know their allot of threads about psoraisis and paleo read them all,books etc and studying food&psoriasis now for a year. I'm still not succesfull AND im losing weight(not strength) im 63kg,25yrs,men,1.74m. I always was on the edge of normal to chubby. Now i have a 6pack and skinny face without working out.

  1. I'm eating paleo but tried some foods like;
  2. potatoes
  3. oatmeal glutenfree
  4. raw full milk
  5. nuts (terrible any nuts)
  6. pork/beef (terrible)
  7. skin of birds
  8. any form of sugar is out.
  9. any beans make my stomach hurt and just painly from peanuts.
  10. shampoo/toothpaste is out but no effect.
  11. 7 day waterfasting (worked but only for short while)
  12. blended food mostly vegetables with berries and water. (didnt digest it well)

my diet now;

  1. 75% vegetables+ghee
  2. 20% fish/any bird..
  3. 5% coffee/cod liver oil 500% daily advised/magnez/zinc/green tea/herbs/sea salt

Psoriasis started after;

  1. high stress jobs (prof poker and prof daytrader)
  2. easily 20 cups of coffee for yrs
  3. 1-2 bags of chips+peanuts per day.
  4. 10-15 litres of beer a week.
  5. 70hrs working a week.
  6. little sleep,no rythm.

body info:

  1. its not in my family
  2. no gluten sensitivity or skinproblems in my family
  3. tested on allergies have olny almonds/cacoa
  4. I'm almost never sick also my family.
  5. Always have it hot but my body temp is often only 36.2 degrees.
  6. always cold hands/skin/face/ass.
  7. extremely addicted to salt but slowly losing it after 9 months paleo.
  8. I love breathing cold air in a summerjacket & bear hat with minus 10 degrees...
  9. never liked sugar,pepper,olives,citrus,wine and liver.
  10. always loved water and salt
  11. between endomorph and atlethic (short legs,big shoulders, short total length,but long arms and neck)
  12. very weak legs , very strong body,teeth and arms.

succes till now;

  1. My skin/hair is perfect but psoriasis keeps slowly growing (nails
  2. no chronic diarrhea anymore
  3. sleeping fine but dont feel need for more than 7-8hrs.
  4. not losing strength
  5. no scaling, no itching , not thick but just very red and inflamed.
  6. without any training i run easily a half hour 10km/h+ and benchpress my own weight.

Question: I'm willing to give up ghee because of to much omega 6 fats but i need a replacement gotta find at least 2000kcal. It's hard to eat 2000kcal on sweet potatoes or skinless chicken. My body is never used to eat less than 3000kcal and it looks like i need it.At this moment im losing weight on 2500kcal and im not even active person.

or any tip?


p.s also no alcohol.

can quitte coffee too, but having the feeling that diet isnt my answer should have seen at least some improvement right?



on January 24, 2013
at 10:10 PM

The vinegar on scalp routine is probably effective because I've read that fungus is often present in psoriasis lesions on the scalp. Vinegar is antifungal. With the fungus gone your lesions will heal more quickly.

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on October 29, 2012
at 09:02 PM

The perfecthealthdiet has some posts about this, and here is paul's answer to a commenter:


Thanks for your awesome blog and book. I was wondering obout your thoughts on Psoriasis. I believe I have had it to a small extent for a long time in a few spots, but it really started to increase recently on a terrible diet. I have returned to an anti-inflammatory diet similar to your reccomendations, but with less starch since my blood sugar tends to go up after meals. (not diabetic) Do you believe that infection plays a roll? I am trying to understand if Psoriasis is an actual autoimmune disease like lupus or Celiac, or some other defect of the immune system.


Hi John,

Yes, I do think infections are important in psoriasis.

Psoriasis may be caused by fungal infections, usually Malassezia. Oral itraconazole is a possible treatment, e.g. http://adv.medicaljournals.se/files/pdf/83/6/438-441.pdf. You can try topical anti-fungal medications from the pharmacy.

Note that very low-carb diets increase the risk for fungal infections, since glucose is essential for the fungal immune response. So be sure to eat some starch.

Autoimmunity is the other likely cause. That should be significantly helped by our diet.

Best, Paul


basically fungal infections are tough.

check out their diet...


Rice, Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, avocadoes, bananas, etc. + 1 lb fatty salmon / week, + organ meats (kidney, liver) and sticking to beef or lamb instead of pork and chicken (due to causes they list on their site, among them omega=6 but also other reasons).

try more egg yolks, more vegetables, and maybe some of their antimicrobial supplements.

in particular, iodine (BUT GO SLOW), Vitamin D (sun), and magnesium like ashleyroz said (I +1'ed your answer, it all sounds good for fungus!), and coconut oil/turmeric and other spices seem to help with fungal infections.

also maybe probiotics. make sure to take good care of your mouth bacteria. maybe try oil pulling (basically gargle with oil before bed, coconut oil, sesame oil, etc.)


on October 29, 2012
at 02:06 PM

Hi there, I had some psoriasis on my knees and elbows appear about a year ago after a year on paleo. First I tried eating more carbs and even added some non-gluten grains. That helped a little bit but didn't solve it. Then I started using Fermented Cod liver oil instead of my Carlson super Gems and that helped a bit too. Three things happened simultaneously when I finally saw it disappear, and this was when I was back on low carb paleo again. I started drinking high magnesium mineral water and cooking with non-flouridated water, I started taking kelp supplements and adding a big hunk of kombu to every soup, sauce and stew I cooked, and I started getting regular sunshine. It could be any one of those three things but I have a feeling it was a combination. Especially the iodine. It's completely gone now.



on October 29, 2012
at 12:49 PM

Welcome to PaleoHacks. In recent times diet has not helped my psoriasis. Before paleo a serious cleansing diet (lots of veggies, juicing) plus saunas helped for a while. What has helped me recently and with minimal effort is UVB light therapy. I bought a $300 lamp and aimed it at one of my big spots of psoriasis every day, building up to a minute, for about three weeks. A couple of months later that spot is very very pale and the psoriasis hasn't returned there.

Diet hasn't been the magic bullet for me.



on January 24, 2013
at 10:35 PM

The fact that a water-fast provided relief, albeit shortly lived, would indicate that there is a great chance you are still reacting to some foods in your diet.

Have you tried an elimination diet, followed by a slow re-introduction of foods, one at a time, while carefully observing your reactions?

When dealing with a leaky gut (which is commonly associated with autoimmune), it is possible to become sensitive/allergic to any food you are consuming, especially protein dense foods.

As far as allergy tests go, they are essentially worthless when you are dealing with IGG mediated allergies. I can say from my personal experience, I came up completely negative on the traditional allergy prick tests, yet from careful self-diagnosis I was able to absolutely confirm multiple allergies to foods.

I highly recommend trying an elimination diet, as that is the only accurate way to determine if and to which foods you are reacting to. The fact that you responded positively to a water-fast, I find very telling. Before you start shopping for supplements, I encourage you to try a proper elimination diet.

You may find this article helpful - http://doctorklaper.com/answers07.html


on January 24, 2013
at 09:05 PM

Apart from all the inflammatory foods you might need to avoid (personally, coffee hoses me, and I can't tolerate a lot of dairy), one thing I do for my psoriasis is to rinse my scalp in a solution of 1:3 distilled white vinegar: water. I read this in an Edgar Cayce book a loooong time ago, and it seems to help significantly.

I also need, I suspect, vitamin D supplements. I live in Seattle, and have noticed my psoriasis is significantly worse in the darkness of winter vs. summer. I also tend to wear a lot of hats outdoors in winter due to the cold / rain, too, so you might want to make sure you're getting plenty of air circulation.



on January 24, 2013
at 10:10 PM

The vinegar on scalp routine is probably effective because I've read that fungus is often present in psoriasis lesions on the scalp. Vinegar is antifungal. With the fungus gone your lesions will heal more quickly.


on November 14, 2012
at 01:32 PM

I developed severe psoriasis (palmo-plantar) a few years ago at age 51. Going both dairy free and gluten free did a marvelous job at clearing things up. Proceeding to full paleo early this year improved matters further. All these dietary changes also helped my IBS tremendously. Oh, I was then treated for H. pylori. My IBS is now 100% better and my psoriasis improved a bit further. Finally, I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism a few months back. I am now eating nori (kelp), which is loaded with iodine, and taking selenium/zinc/copper supplements. My psoriasis is now extremely minimal.

My only suggestions for you:

1) Do elimination testing of likely psoriasis trigger foods. Dairy is a severe psoriasis trigger for me. Gluten? Not sure, but I figured it is not a healthy food anyway. But even stuff like peanuts, soy and baker's yeast all seem to inflame my psoriasis to a degree. Eliminating these foods from my diet has made a certain improvement.

2) Get tested for H. pylori despite your diarrhea being cleared up.

3) Get your thyroid levels (TSH, free T4) checked since you say your body temperature is low. You might want to read up on taking iodine.

Best of luck to you.



on November 14, 2012
at 02:27 AM

Hey all!

I'm not sure if anyone else has tried it yet but I've been using pure petroleum jelly - Vaseline to be precise and it's really made a difference. It hasn't helped the root cause of my psoriasis but it has helped to make it a lot less angry looking, it's not even close to the flakiness it was before and my elbows, arms and knees finally feel like skin. Albeit bumpy skin, but skin nonetheless (not the scales of a dragon).

If you've not tried it yet, whack a generous amount on your affected areas before you go to bed and then put a thin layer on when you need to during the day. I started to notice big difference after a few days. It might not work for everyone but anything is worth a try to at least control it surely?


on November 10, 2012
at 04:59 PM

Rice, Potatoes,, tomatoes, try more egg yolks, are def foods not to eat when having psoriasis.

so no elf27

didnt try pro biotics.


on November 05, 2012
at 06:29 PM

Quit coffee as it known to cause leaky gut and leaky gut is linked to psoriasis. Also you did not mention alcohol. If you do not drink already, good. If you do this is another step you can make.

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