proof please. give me some goddamned proof.

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every post here should have a body shot of the person making the point. every one. wheres the proof? if youre a fat turd, stfu. dont post. no one cares. im fat. 24% body fat. used to be 34%, yet still i dont want advice from fat lazy fucks bottom line that jam it up in here choking balls deep on ketone this and mct oil that. just shut the fuck up if youre body fat is above 15 for a dude, and 20 for a chick. POINT BEING, if all your carbs are fibrous your workout is going to suck. you are or are going to be a weak mother fucker. there is no way to get intensity from "ketone bodies". i understand zero carbs for sedentary days. otherwise, 30,40,30 p,c,f dont kid yourself. and GO LIFT. GET STRONG. GO PUNCH SOME BITCH IN THE FUCKING MOUTH. DO SOME LOW SQUATS. and for the love of christ stop with the coffee/coconut oil shit. at least man up with coffee/primatene if anything (also a joke total bs). and paleo too. what a joke. what a disaster. thousands of grumpy fucks every day, torturing themselves. yes, grains suck. yes dairy is weird. but OH yea cavemen worked in stone cubicles, you know. lots of cavemen metermaids and waitreses around back in the day, wiping their asses with shards of rock, taking longer shit breaks on the clock. and cavemen were pussies, just like all of you. totally werent sinewy ripped neanderthals. no. they all looked like david asprey, like a halfway melted crisco-pop. deeee licious!



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Do you really think that aesthetics are an accurate indicator of health? Or moreover, that we're here because we give a damn how we look? Sure, its been a lovely bonus to notice oneself becoming noticeably healthy, and the inception/reinforcement of self-love is unquestionably part of the journey of connecting with one's self through paleo and general proper self care... but you're going to find that largely, this community is here because we have been through hell, we've known the definitions of "sick", and we have made the decision to fix ourselves.

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