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I've been low carbing for two months, consuming under 100g for the first month and 100-150g the second month. I increased carbs due to low energy and sluggish workouts and I've noticed some improvements but nothing significant. I need to up my carbs to 200-250g because I'm very active, so I figured I'd do carb refeed days to start.

I had a refeed day yesterday, and I had the chills after eating, low blood sugar and confusion. Is my body shocked with the surge in insulin? Am I becoming insulin resistant? How do I reverse this? I want to start eating starch and fruit regularly, I cannot do low carb but I didn't expect this. I'm really frustrated and fed up, I'm deeply regretting going low carb. Any advice would be appreciated, really depressed here.

The hypoglycemic-like episodes were actually happening in my VLC days due to excessive protein. After I ate any form of protein, I would pass out on the couch. It's now the complete opposite, after carbs I feel terrible. Please don't suggest going back to high fat, I was a zombie for two months.

I never had any health problems prior to low carb.



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