Paleo when kids visit my ex

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 13, 2013 at 7:24 PM

Just curious if there are any other divorced parents trying to feed kids paleo. Is your ex supportive? Or do they just eat SAD when on visitation?

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4 Answers



on July 14, 2013
at 09:37 PM

My husband is not 100% on board and buys the kids junk food and feeds them pasta. We're married and I live with him, and I don't have control control over this situation.

How do you possibly think you can control what your ex does in his own home? All that will happen is that you will have another point of contention and your kids will be in the middle. I'm guessing that's the last thing your kids need.

Provide good, healthy food when your kids are with you, and when the kids are with your ex, LET IT GO unless your ex has expressed a desire to align what he feeds the kids with what you are doing (and you can certainly discuss it with him). Trust your ex enough to care about your kids and make sure they are eating healthfully at least according to CW, and if they are older than babies they will express their preferences anyway.

Don't play power games with your ex, even if you think you have justification--your children always lose.


on September 17, 2013
at 03:10 PM

@Brandy 4 I am currently going through this myself with my ex husband and his wife. I eat paleo as does my husband, and I am still transitioning my children to Paleo. At this point, they eat 100% clean/gluten free and it has been a struggle and a lot of work but they have come a long way. I have made him aware of the positive changes we have made and I would appreciate if he could help me by encouraging it and not undermining me and at the very least, educating himself about it. I also sent a crap load of information in the kids bag for him regarding GMO, GLUTEN, PROCESSED etc etc to read because anytime I mention it they simply fight it and then feed them Kraft Dinner on the weekends and says they don't even know what GMO is so they mustn't buy it. I have tried to make this as positive as can be with the ex but I am being blocked at every route. The boys were at their place this weekend, and had gluten and came home with the most foul smelling gas and upset tummies but it isn't from them..... I am extremely passionate about this and ensuring children these days learn what real food is but since I don't have a nutrition degree, people laugh me off and think I am nuts! FRUSTRATED! To top off my week, the new school the kids are attending are revealing their lunch menu.....I saw last years menu - Mac/cheese, chicken fingers/burgers, pizza and all other terribly disgusting foods especially since I know these are not home made. That is a whole other rant. Best be getting that nutrition degree!



on July 14, 2013
at 01:45 AM

I'm not divorced but I am dealing with this right now. My husband works evenings frequently and has a rotating schedule so he cooks dinner maybe 2-3 times a week. I have been patiently trying to be a good influence and try to wean down the cooking of crap. I've been low carb (healthy no processed food low carb) for about 10 years and paleo since Nov. Clearly none of this is working as he made homemade cinnamon maple syrup rolls with "Grands biscust" this morning for breakfast and continues to by what I li*sugar cereal* and other processed crap. I'm tired of doing this alone and he doesn't seem to want to change. sigh It's so hard to cook healthy when they get crap every other day. They just won't eat the healthy food I make anymore. .....

that said I bought a pair of size 8 white skinny jeans today yeah me!!


on July 14, 2013
at 01:24 AM

My kids eat whatever their Dad cooks for them when they are at his house. It's only 3 days every 14 days so that's not too bad. He knows that I restrict grains but that hasn't changed his cooking habits for the kids. Good luck!

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