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Answered on September 12, 2014
Created March 19, 2013 at 4:47 PM

I've been doing paleo since January 2013 and absolutely love it, but am still new to it. In Feb 2013 I started doing Crossfit. I'm trying to get to a healthy weight, so I've been following the guideline to keep Carb intake at max 75g. My question is, should I be calculating my carb intake from my vegetables (greens, etc) along with my dense carbs sources? I know this isn't a low carb diet or anything along those lines. I just want to make sure I'm doing things right. I have plenty of protein and fat, the carb intake is where I'm confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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on March 19, 2013
at 04:56 PM

My suggestion: Don't count (calories, carb grams, pounds, etc.)! Let the mirror be your guide. Your body and your eyes will know when you are at that "healthy weight" for you.

Counting things will just drive you nuts. Unless you are a numbers person. If you like numbers, knock yourself out. Otherwise, let your eyes be the judge. Aesthetics is probably your true motivation anyway. We all want to look sexier, and carb intake and a scale cannot be the judge of that.


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on March 19, 2013
at 07:36 PM

I only look at numbers to mentally compare how many carbs I used to eat compared to now. It is interesting to me to see where those carbs are coming from. I keep my carb intake low, but also take into account the other nutrients you gain (such as in fruits/veggies) as well.

A banana has relatively the same amount of carbs and calories as an ounce of pretzels do, but the banana offers fiber, as well as vitamins, where as the pretzels have pretty much nothing else.

If you are really concerned, try eating veggies like spinach, kale, and sprouts that are low in carbohydrates.

Don't over-think it, because it will stress you out, which will only make it harder to stay healthy in the long run!

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on March 19, 2013
at 07:56 PM

Going to 75 grams of carbs a day, while doing CrossFit workouts, is not a great idea. At least that's been my experience. Below 50 grams and you could, potentially, become keto adapted and perform well (still not ideal for lifting in my opinion), but at 75 you're running right smack in the middle of running on ketones or running on carbs. You don't wanna be there because it's easy to burn out especially with tabata and AMRAP style workouts. More than likely you won't be keto adapted and that's the only way I would want to drop that low while doing WODs more than once or twice a week.

I recommend either researching keto diets, or keto adaptation, and going that route or looking at "paleo friendly" carb sources to fuel the workouts. Sweet potatoes, maybe rice if you tolerate it well... Mark Sisson has talked about how this is the reason most people fail with their diets. They don't become keto adapted but they're also no longer eating enough grams of carbohydrates to fuel whatever they're doing. I wish I had the link for the interview but I don't. If you are going to really count carbs it's worth subtracting any fiber. Other than that though I would count any carbs you take in if you're really going to go that route.


on March 22, 2013
at 05:14 PM


on March 20, 2013
at 09:08 PM

Thanks for all the responses! I will definitely research keto diets and adaptation!

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