paleo swim meet foods?

Answered on July 26, 2013
Created June 25, 2013 at 6:46 PM

I have swim meets for my summer nieghborhood division, not like quest or over 50 meters unless relay or IM, but i would like to know what are some good paleo options. Last year before paleo i would carbo load with pasta but i know i wouldnt go back to doing that. Also the meets start at 6:30 so would 5 be good to have a meal/ dinner or 3 be better? and then have my pre race foods like usual (banana and boiled egg whites, thats what i would do for running plus some chocolate protien bar-even though its not paleo)

By the way i am 15 year old girl, swimming is my sport for know but also trianing for highschool cross country, wieghing 99 ish lbs. the swimming i do though isnt as competitiove as quest who do year round but our team moved up to division a so it is a bit more competition than before since we have to go against bigger teams.

thanks for reading or replying, i apreciate it:)

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on July 26, 2013
at 01:24 AM

man, did I hate carbo loads when I was a teen. But I am guessing that it is done for a reason, that you race better. Sweet potatoes with coconut oil, bananas and dried fruits would be my choice. This will also potassium load you, which is a good thing. In season, I could go with fresh figs too. Persimmon are also energy dense but much too heavy. Drink and make sure you salt your food.


on July 11, 2013
at 09:41 PM

Just eat what you normally would eat. Maybe have a lighter meal a few hours prior, and drink water. If you are eating healthy foods, your energy level should be stable anyway. Trying to time a carb spike can be difficult unless you have practice doing that.


on June 27, 2013
at 07:40 PM

So, you certainly can still carb-load if you think that's important, you'd just be best off using a starchy tuber source like potatoes or sweet potatoes. Personally, I'd argue that unless you're doing a heavy workout the day before, you really don't need to load carbs on the day of the meet - your muscles should still have plenty of glycogen available. For meal timing, what's most important is how you feel after eating: if you feel sluggish or slower after eating, you'd want to eat earlier to give your body time to digest before getting in the water.

Personally, I'd recommend getting some protein and carbs 3-4 hours before the meet starts and avoid eating anything close to the race, but that's just because I don't perform well with a lot of food in my stomach. Do what feels right to you and don't feel the need to follow my, your teammates, your coaches, or anyone else's advice unless it makes you feel like you perform better. Keep in mind that Paleo should have your body running pretty cleanly and efficiently as is, so in this case less may be more.

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