Paleo Pancake Baking Mix?

Asked on June 25, 2016
Created April 12, 2015 at 10:08 PM

Hello fellow Paleo people!

I'm proud say that a little over a month ago I went fully paleo. This presented a major problem for me: pancakes.

Problem: No pancakes!! I love pancakes, but normally they clearly aren't paleo. The pancake recipes I found either looked nasty or used complicated sounding flours like tapioca that I had never heard of. For a month I decided to forget about them, but with the rest of my family eating regular pancakes at least once a week I was getting tired of being the only one left out. I took the plunge and ordered some fancy flours and got busy in my the kitchen.

Now, after much trial and error, I've found a good recipe.

Solution: Most people don't love cooking as much as I do, so I'd like to simplify the process. No more paying for fancy ingrediants you may never use again  I'd like to make my recipe into a simple pancake mix that you can mix up in less than ten minutes with fewer than 3 ingrediants from your kitchen!


So pancake mix- yay or nay? Bringing Paleo pancakes to the paleo masses, no more feeling excluded!

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2 Answers


on June 05, 2016
at 04:25 AM

i miss pancakes too, im avoiding grains, sugar and diary, and today i did ones with coconut flour, and sweetened it with stevia, and it was pretty dissapointing. i miss pancakes so much, and i usually ate it with sour cream........... omg, miss them.



on April 14, 2015
at 11:40 AM

I'd avoid high carb mixes.  Generally, I stick to Coconut Flour because it's mostly fiber.  I also add a scoop or two of whey to shift the macros towards protein and fat, and cook them in coconut oil with some grassfed butter.  I sweeten them with stevia, and use maple syrup very very sparingly.


I find most of the time is in making the pancake, not the batter.  The batter takes maybe 5 minutes.


I use 1 cup of coconut flour, two scoops of whey (optional), cinnamon, tablespoon of vanilla extract, baking soda, a teaspoon of liquid stevia, and 8 eggs, and 1-2 cups of water, sometimes more as needed.


As usual with baking you want two bowls. I use a smaller bowl to beat the eggs with one cup of water, the vanilla, and stevia.  I place all the dry ingredients in a larger bowl and mix them well.  Then slowly fold the wet into the dry and keep mixing.  It should be the consistency of buttermilk, if not, slowly add in more water and mix again until you get there.



They're fine for a rare treat, but not all the time.

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