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Answered on August 19, 2014
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For athletes currently working out and eating clean: How long did it take you to completely lean out and have the looks you were going for?

Some background on me: female, strict paleo one year (my cheats are paleo cheats like nuts, fruit, chocolate, wine???never gluten, dairy or processed foods) I???ve tried to go low carb, IF, no nuts and fruits and it all didn???t make lasting impressions. I still IF occasionally when I don???t feel hungry enough to eat. I CF 4x a week. I don't do more because it releases too much cortisol. I am low carb, but don???t deny myself carbs so my body doesn't go through gluconeogenesis. I listen to my body and don???t try to do more than I can handle, both physically and mentally. Am constantly saying ???no??? to people when they ask to hang out because getting sleep at night is more important! Haha

I had originally lost weight going Paleo, then when I started CF, I gained weight and put many inches on my body from muscle mass. So I assume the weight gain is from muscle, not fat. Have no clue what my body fat percentage is, but it???s got to be around 20 or 21% because that???s what my BMI is.

I was always at an average, healthy weight growing up. Never too thin, with boney legs or was overweight. So I know my body doesn???t want to let go of any body fat, but I would like to be a bit leaner for competition purposes. I know this is a healthy way to live and I plan on keeping this way of living/eating forever. But I was just wondering if I stay consistent will I eventually lean out more? I???m the poster girl for Paleo where I live and I don???t really have the sexy body with defined 6 pack abs to prove it. I know many people here will say that doesn???t matter, but let???s face it???I can preach Paleo ???til I???m blue in the face, but unless you have the looks to go along with what you???re saying, people won???t take you as seriously.

Does leaning out happen over a long period of time? I???m fine with that if the answer is ???yes,??? but would just like something to answer my suspensions.

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on December 04, 2011
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You might do a search on CrossFit on this site, as your question is one many folks have. While not specifically CrossFit, this post has some information you might find interesting:


Some will tell you that CF 4x a week is too much and that cortisol is keeping you from leaning out like you want. Some will say "genetics" will determine how lean you get. Some might mention that your body's "happy place" might not include a 6 pack of abs. I don't have the answer. It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right. If you feel good and are pleased with your performance, maybe you are in your "happy place." If you are competing at CF, many of the ladies who excel at that sport are far from lean. They are basically pretty jacked. You might focus on more strength training, olympic lifting and sprinting. To answer the question you asked, "yes," it can take time, but there's no guarantee ripped abs will happen for everyone. There are many factors outside of the diet in play here.

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