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Answered on August 15, 2014
Created August 11, 2014 at 10:25 PM

Hello everyone. We will be taking our first family trip being Paleo (5 months in). I am trying to come up with a plan to pack and bring to eat for snacks and meals. Our drive will be 5 hours but it will be cut up between 2 hours (staying a gparents) and the next day 3. Vegas to San Diego. Our room will have a mini fridge and stovetop. We will be in California for four days. I know several types of nut mixes but I would like suggestions on meals to pack also. I have a vaccume seal so I figure that may help. Ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



on August 13, 2014
at 01:47 PM

Why bring anything? it's only 2, then 3 hours in the car -- no need to eat while in the car. Vegas with the grandparents -- I'd imagine you'd rather spend time with them then dealing with pre-packaged foods.

Once you are in San Deigo, hit up a local market and purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. The great thing about paleo is that you don't have to pack anymore. Just eat fresh.

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on August 15, 2014
at 07:52 AM

Fruit is the best, or vegetables like carrots and celery that you can eat without cooking. I'm not a fan of hard boiled eggs on the road - they can stink up a car.

Beef jerky is okay, but expensive - it's cheaper and healthier if you can make your own. I've tried making PEMMICAN before, which is a traditional travel-snack of some indians and alaskans. Marks Daily Apple has a recipe, but it's not very tasty.

I'm partial to Japanese squid jerky - it's super stinky, but delicious! Some brands have sugar, so be careful!



on August 13, 2014
at 10:46 PM

At the five month mark, it is time to take paleo from dogmatic rules to a flexible template. You can totally eat out without going off course. Gluten-free options are now abundant. Sure, vegetable oil will be everywhere and so will added sugar but those won't hurt you occasionally. Eat rice.

Chipolte is a solid chain option. Gluten-free Mexican options are good. Most mom and pop Asian shops are very paleo. Engage your brain when ordering.


on August 12, 2014
at 03:14 PM

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on August 12, 2014
at 02:37 PM

http://paleoleap.com/paleo-lunches-in-box/ -- I love this site, and this may prove to be a great article for you to read!


on August 12, 2014
at 03:46 AM

I am ALL ABOUT the canned seafood like sardines, salmon and mackerel - packed in olive oil and easy open cans or pouches! They're perfect! Just remember to bring a fork and a napkin! ;)


on August 12, 2014
at 03:27 AM

Canned smoked clams and smoked oysters on rice crackers.

Make ahead and pack: Paleo Breakfast Bars.

With a stove top, bag of rice and canned oysters: Smoked Oysters and Rice.



on August 11, 2014
at 11:47 PM

sardine cans, olives, coconut oil, avocados (bring a spoon to eat it).



on August 11, 2014
at 10:45 PM

Fruit and hard-boiled eggs.

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