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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 29, 2011 at 7:41 PM

Hi, I'm wanting to start the paleo diet but some things are confusing like I read eating moderate to low carbohydrate then I read eat as much carbohydrate as you want. Which confuses me I'm not fat I'm trying to put on weight and doing crossfit has me feeling hungry.

Also, are nuts like almond nuts considered fat and can I just eat as much fat as I want?

Here is an example of the diet I'm going to start tell me if I'm wrong or what needs correcting.

Meat/fish - 3-4 oz

Carbohydrate - As much as i want

nuts - handful ~15

Fat - 2 tablespoon (each meal)

Thanks, for any help



on October 29, 2011
at 08:50 PM

Animal fat, on the other hand, I've found I can eat as much as I want and continue losing excess body fat.



on October 29, 2011
at 08:50 PM

Nuts are mostly fat but, in my experience you need to limit total intake unless you're trying to fatten up for winter. :-))



on October 29, 2011
at 08:11 PM

While Paleo is just a template, it still has a few generic rules. As others said below, carbs are not unrestricted. There are of course carbs and carbs, but generally, sweet potatoes are often eaten rarely, while lower carb veggies (e.g. carrots) more regularly, and greens daily. Fruits are usually restricted to 1-2 servings a day too. But that's just a template, if you're not into this for weight loss but for maintenance and health, you can indulge a bit more than some of us. Definitely add eggs, bone broths, and offal (especially liver) though. Along vitamin D3, these are secret weapons!

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on October 29, 2011
at 09:20 PM

I just eat what I want from the world of non-toxic plants and animals. It ends up being a lot of meat, animal fat, and some starch/fruit/veg for fun. Any limitation you impose on yourself should be backed with reason, whether scientific or anecdotal.



on October 29, 2011
at 08:30 PM

when i first started out i too was very confused. read the Paleo 101 link on the right of this page. its really quite simple. once the basics are covered, you can adjust based on your needs.

many have digestive problems
many have auto-immune disorders
many have metabolic derangements
many are obese
many just wanna loose a few pounds
everyone wants optimal health

the other reason you see so many differing opinions is that not everyone's interpretation of the science is the same. keep reading, experiment and find your own truth.



on October 29, 2011
at 08:19 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by carbs in this context. If you are talking about non-starchy veggies that's probably fine--as long as you are being mindful of what you are eating and not just indiscriminately stuffing yourself. However, if you are talking about grains that's defeating the purpose.

Also, I'm hoping you mean 3-4oz. of meat/fish per meal and not per day.

Paleo is a diet you really have to play with to see what works for you. Most people seem to start out on a very strict diet (like the Whole30 or something like that) for 30 days and see how they feel. Then they can try adding some things back in (like cheese or more fruit) to see how they tolerate them. VLC was a disaster for me, so I added more carbs. But, they are starchy veggies and fruit, not grains.


on October 29, 2011
at 07:50 PM

The first thing to know about paleo is that it's all about what works for you. So if you hear different people recommending different things, don't be surprised.

However, I'd say most paleo folks shoot for very low carbohydrate intake and elimination of most common carbohydrate sources (e.g. refined flours).

If "as much as I want" means "a lot", then I don't think the diet you describe qualifies as paleo.

If "as much as I want" means "without thinking about it" then that is definitely not paleo. Most paleo folks arrived here because they've figured out (the easy way or not) that easy answers and simplified rules don't work for them. That's why you're likely to get different answers from different people about the details. You've got to experiment and find what works for you.



on October 29, 2011
at 09:20 PM

Starting out based on some of the nuances that this site goes into might seem hard. It is far easier to grab a book and follow that protocol, then adjust as you learn more through blogs or this site IMO. So...I personally like Primal Blueprint and Paleo Solution the best, but many here like Perfect Health Diet. I think any of them would give you a decent jumping off point.

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