Paleo & Insanity Workout Combination - need help!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 02, 2012 at 11:26 AM

I'm done with the week 2 of insanity and love it, but i'm really confused about the nutrition. I tried to make a research here and other sources, but couldn't find answers i need.

How to combine paleo eating style and doing such an intense workout like insanity? What are the macros to follow? May be you could give a sample menu for the day?

Please help me, i'm just so confused. I like the paleo way of eating, love that i'm not hungry all the time, but i can't give 100% during the workout with such a low level of carbs in my diet. (About me: female, 27yo, 165cm, 57kg, need to trim some fat all over my body and tone my muscles)

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5 Answers


on December 03, 2012
at 02:41 PM

Paleo isn't low carb, you should be eating enough carbs to match your activity level, which is going to be high if your doing regular insanity workouts. Have a look at this carb curve from Mark's Daily Apple, and shoot for around the 100-150g per day mark to begin with and then adjust as necessary.

A lot of people like to eat a majority of carbs post workout to feed muscles and aid recovery, think sweet potatoes, fruit (bananas), other starchy vegetables (parsnips, squash, pumpkin etc).


on December 03, 2012
at 02:36 PM

@ Dan F, yep, I tried 16/8 fasting also, but didn't react well on it, my period became very irregular and i still have problems with that even though I'm off leangains for 2 months. But this was the only thing that was negative for me in 16/8 fasts, me too had tons of energy and enjoyed my 2 meals a day, it's really pity that my body reacted negatively on it.



on December 03, 2012
at 11:58 AM

I was doing a 16/8 daily fast (from 8p-12p) for a few weeks and then could work out using Insanity, weights or 5 mile run after at least 12+ hours of fasting without trouble.


on December 03, 2012
at 07:03 AM

insanity is awesome, even the warm ups can kick your butt



on December 02, 2012
at 01:27 PM

Include tubers. This video helped me realize that high intensity and low carb don't necessarily match. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJjR4vNpDsg (Mat Lalonde).

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