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Asked on September 19, 2015
Created October 30, 2011 at 1:16 AM

I live Westminster, which is about 30 miles northwest of Baltimore. Now that summer is over and a lot of the local farmers markets are closing up, I was looking for somewhere to by fresh meats, produces, etc. in this area. Does anyone have suggestions?! Thanks!



on October 30, 2011
at 02:20 AM

Let me just throw out a GO STEELERS!...But, I do hope someone gives you some food ideas :)

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on December 29, 2012
at 03:06 AM

Produce... Baugher's is the way to go. For meat... I don't know. I went to college in Westminster, and lived there for a while after. Unfortunately, I had to venture into the city, or at least Owings Mills, for most of the stuff I want. There's a crossfit box up there that some of my friends go to (http://crossfitretribution.com/) that might be worth contacting for ideas... the hardcore crossfitters usually have paleo hook-ups.


on November 17, 2012
at 05:43 PM

I live in Arlington, Virginia. About 45 mins from BA.



on October 17, 2012
at 12:53 PM

My parents live in Hanover and go to Sonnewald's in Spring Grove. It's a little bit of a trip for you, but it's a great little store.


on October 17, 2012
at 09:23 AM

There are several great delis and butchers in Pikesville iirc. Highly recommend you shop around there. Also check out Gunpowder Bison, which is in Monkton (all pastured, great stuff, try the tritip). I always just got my produce at Wegmans during the winter, ymmv.

Go Ravens.

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