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Answered on February 11, 2015
Created February 01, 2015 at 11:01 PM

Hi Everyone,

I have been working on a Paleo Diet book and would like your feedback. By no means do I consider myself as a Paleo expert, but do know many of you are. Would anyone be interested in reviewing my book and providing me with your feedback? With your feedback, I want to make revisions and improve the book. If anyone shows interest, I will post a link for the book. 

Thanks in advance,


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3 Answers


on February 11, 2015
at 12:46 AM

Writing this paleo book is more of a personal challenge. I am not writing this book to become rich or to sale millions of copies. I only plan to publish it as an ebook but in saying that, I would like for the book to be as informative as possible. This is the reason for asking outside source such as you all to give feedback. If no one ever reads it so be it but I still personally enjoyed the challenge. Thanks for everyones response and I should have the book ready for review in a few days.


on February 05, 2015
at 04:57 PM

I would be happy to look it over.  And to respond to the above, good luck writing on something ONLY you know about.  Unless you're inventing a new math it's unlikely there is something only you know and that there would be a market to sell it. 



on February 05, 2015
at 05:37 PM

Go to amazon, select books as the department.  Type in paleo.  Hit enter.  Or just follow this url: http://www.amazon.com/s/?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=paleo


It returns 12 results on the first page, 12 of 7635 results. 

1-12 of 7,635 results for Books :"paleo"




Narrow it down a bit more to "paleo diet" and you get back:

1-12 of 4,922 results for Books : "paleo diet"

I rest my case.




on February 05, 2015
at 12:02 PM

The market for beginer paleo diet books is fully saturated.  You might wish to rethink your strategy.


Another worrisome factor here, beyond an already saturated market, is that you're working on a Paleo Diet Book, and yet, you say you're not an expert at it, so, this begs the question, why are you writing about a subject you know little about? 


Why not write about something you're an expert at, something no one else but you knows about?

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