Paleo diet for hypothyroidism?

Answered on July 13, 2014
Created July 07, 2014 at 4:21 PM

Hi, I was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroidism (I presume that means Hashimoto's?) this year and I have consulted a complementary dietician, who said I am dairy and gluten intolerant by using applied kinesiology. After taking my first dose of thyroid medication I experienced constipation, something I did not experience when adhering to my gluten free and dairy free diet. I have increased my water intake, too and have eaten very healthily over the past few weeks so I know that the only change I have made is starting my medication. Is there something I am not doing right? Also I am really slim and I am classed as "underweight" on the body mass index calculator but whatever I eat disappears and I am unable to gain weight. I can't understand what is happening to me. Any advice on the above would be most helpful. Thanks!

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on July 13, 2014
at 07:05 PM

I'm not on Paleohacks much anymore so I just saw your post now, but I also have Hashi's. I do much better when adhering to a stricter paleo diet, but I'm definitely not perfect. I'm currently adding supplements and T3 and trying the Autoimmune Protocol, because my antibodies were high.

As far as your weight goes, it's hard to give advice on gaining weight without knowing what you're eating, and what your activity level is. Do you think you're in a "hyper" swing right now, or have you always been underweight? As far as constipation goes, I'd say to give your body a chance to adjust to your medication.

If you're on Facebook, I'd suggest you look into the groups Hashimoto's 411 and Hashimoto's 411 Elimination/Provocation Diet.


on July 08, 2014
at 07:17 AM

Hi, I take it I am the only one with this illness and that everything with me is fine. No worries. Thanks for reading. :)

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