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Answered on January 01, 2014
Created December 06, 2013 at 4:57 PM

I was looking into alternative paleo bread recipes, to help myself with weening off bread for starting paleo, and I came across the link below:


I personally have not had the amount of experience with paleo to know what is and is not bad for individual ingredients. The cocunut flour looked potentially "bad", but it was also a small amount (2 tbsp). Is there anything in this recipe that's strictly "non-paleo", and if so, where can I find an alternative bread-like paleo recipe to start with to begin a bit of weening off?



on December 06, 2013
at 08:41 PM

Bread is evil. Cold turkey it, Rogue.

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on January 01, 2014
at 10:14 AM

Thank you for your comments. My goal is not weight loss...that is a benefit to me. I have a disfuntional thyroid and Paleo was recommended to me by my dr. I have gone almost a month with no form of bread and really do not miss it since it is a eating trigger for me. The super expensive won't work for me! :-). Rather get a new book!



on January 01, 2014
at 12:25 AM

I'm sure there will be people who came to Paleo for weight loss reasons only, and who will downvote this, but in reality there is no such thing as "Paleo bread". Just because the paleo gurus originally wrote that you can use almond and coconut flour to lightly bread some recipes that needs it, doesn't mean that you should be cooking whole breads and desserts with nut flours. Nuts oxidize when they're baked, and they're unhealthy in the quantities needed to make a bread or a pizza (high in o-6 and other anti-nutrients). I'd say, avoid, and only use it once or twice a year on your birthday or Christmas.


on December 31, 2013
at 04:22 PM

Personally I buy Paleo bread from Julian Bakery. I don't live in a very urban area but there are a few stores that carry it (freezer section). They have a few varieties and I toast it or make french toast. It is super expensive, but if you use it as a treat and not a regular everyday thing, it is worth it (in my opinion).


on December 31, 2013
at 11:30 AM

Has anyone tried the bread?? I was thinking of ordering it but also found a local place in NC that carries it. If you would rather back, try this website: http://paleogrubs.com/bread-recipes

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on December 06, 2013
at 05:57 PM

This recipe is actually pretty good, as far as Paleo bread recipes go.... Elana's bread comes out light and fluffy.

There are so many eggs in it because coconut flour is highly absorbent, so the recipe needs more liquid than normal to compensate.

Alternatively, you could try this one: http://www.17recipes.com/basic-paleo-bread-loaf/

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