Paleo and Hydrocephalus

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 06, 2012 at 4:36 PM

I haven't had much luck googling this subject, but maybe someone here has had experience with this or whatever. My cousin's son, who is like 10, has had it his whole life, and has had surgery after surgery. I'm just wondering if there is anything diet related that they could try. I don't understand the mechanisms at work that cause this disease, but if anyone has anything they could add, that would be great. I'd just like to be able to help them any way I can, as they have been through so much pain already in his short life. Thanks in advance.


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on March 06, 2012
at 05:19 PM

My nephew has hydrocephalus but he was fortunate in that it was due to a trauma later in my sister's pregnancy (a minor stroke), so his brain had developed normally. A tiny bit of debris from dead tissue from the stroke blocked one of his ventricles from draining normally. He was delivered a week early and was given surgery and had a shunt implanted. He is now 4.5 years old and completely normal, which is amazing considering the odds. Most hydro kids don't fare as well, because the blockage happens earlier in the pregnancy, which really changes the odds on how a kid might turn out.

Do you know when it was discovered during the pregnancy? How is he overall? Aside from the surgeries, is he in special ed, or can he perform normally? Were his surgeries from shunt malfunction or did did he have to have skull reconstruction?

Because this is a physical issue, I would say that any low inflammation diet would be good, and I would also say that gluten should probably be avoided by most people anyway, but I don't think diet could really affect the condition. I think paleo definitely can't hurt, but I don't think it can make a difference on the condition itself, but it is a good idea just for all of its other benefits.


on March 06, 2012
at 11:52 PM

There are instances of various parasites and worms causing hydroencephalus...taenia solium for example that you get from consuming undercooked or raw pork. im sure there are other ways as well but the point being that I don't think a simple diet tweak is the answer.

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