Odd Paleo side effects

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 26, 2012 at 8:03 PM

Anybody have odd paleo side effects? Lots of great changes in me but some were unexpected.

My weird side effects: * My gums ache & it's like I want to floss them several times a day. Could this be from my gums beginning to heal? * Relaxed! Stuff doesn't bother me like it used to. It's feels each day like I've had a few "tokes" if ya know what I mean. * Different walk. I walk smoother & more coordinated...I feel like a predator? * Music taste did a 180! For years I hated country and a day or two after going paleo, suddenly I LOVE it! What the...?!? * I'm more decisive then I used to be.

Lots of other great effects on me but the above were unexpected.

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on March 01, 2013
at 07:22 AM

Are you taking any supplements?



on June 26, 2012
at 09:18 PM

Noooooooooooo, not the country!



on June 26, 2012
at 08:39 PM

If going Paleo means appreciating country music, I fear for our future.

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10 Answers


on June 26, 2012
at 08:54 PM

Officially one week Paleo and here is what I have seen so far!

1) Increased Energy! Crazy amounts of energy that seem to last all day. 2) Like others I am sleeping better than I ever had before. 3) I found my mood is way better throughout the day. My boss is outta town and I am in charge...I have yet to start a fight...yell at anyone...or get our big boss into trouble! 3) This is really wierd! My joints have stopped making funny noises. I am 39 and have Army knees (bad knees) and they stopped clicking when I walk. 4) I totally wake up ready to go. Eyes open...outta bed...and rarin to go.
5) I almost cannot stand to be in the room with doughnuts. Seriously, they make my stomach upset, just to look at em.



on June 27, 2012
at 12:43 AM

I have a rare autoimmune disorder where I am not supposed to go in the sun. Since going paleo, I can go out in the sun for much, much longer without getting a huge rash all over my body. Glad I didn't take my doctor's advice: "just come in here for cortisone shots whenever you break out in the rash."



on June 26, 2012
at 11:57 PM

A few interesting side-effects that I've noticed (as a 27 yo male):

  • Occasional instances of over-confident behaviour (like you'd expect from a teenager).
  • Urges to pick up anything heavy that's lying around for no reason whatsoever.

I've noticed it happens more often during IF.



on June 26, 2012
at 11:19 PM

I had strange side-effects early on but they are gone now.

  • Felt like my bewbies were getting HUGE
  • Hot flashes in my core randomly and sometimes in my feet
  • Night sweats
  • Some foods made me feel really warm when I ate them

I didn't have good energy for a couple of months, but then wow, I had great energy and a sunny disposition. Even that has dissipated some, or maybe I've just gotten used to it?


on June 26, 2012
at 09:35 PM

No more migraines. I had teeth go funny too as I had braces, but when I went to the dentist to renew a crown, she said I had no cavities... which is amazing for me because I always had cavities before paleo.



on March 01, 2013
at 03:24 PM

skin (including sun damage) is getting better!! happier, better sleep, more energy, more patient, no tummy aches. (side note: i cheated BAD last night and i am in a bad mood with no patience and tummy ache, so i KNOW the good effects are from a good paleo diet!!) also, as a previous person mentioned, i also am more emotional-at times thought i was pregnant since i would cry so easily (at good things, not bad)



on March 01, 2013
at 02:47 PM

Ok, this is a weird one, but I find it curious ... my taste in men has changed. I find myself increasingly attracted to much "manlier" men -- larger muscles, more facial hair, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm happily married ... :) I suppose it is part of a general increase in libido, but even so, my "wowza!" preference has definitely changed. I keep begging my husband to grow out his beard, as I find it more attractive. It makes me wonder if the general shift in our social concept of "manly" (ie, the metro man, hairless and sleek) isn't related to diet.


on March 01, 2013
at 07:18 AM

43 yro. woman. Been Paleo for over a couple of weeks, and I've also experienced weird and wonderful side-effects.

  • Use to wake up at the drop of a pin. I now sleep like a dead log.
  • Energy to burn!!!
  • No period cramps! NONE! Never ever experienced that in my life. Big BIG bonus!
  • My thinking is clearer than ever before.
  • Bizarre moodiness and crying spells a few days prior to cycle. No aggressiveness, though... Just feeling sad. A puppy commercial would set me off bawling. Weird, that one!
  • Moments of vertigo. That seems to have subsided.
  • Best side-effect of all... My short-temper fuse seems to be totally gone. I am much more calmer and not bothered by silly little things anymore.

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on March 01, 2013
at 07:22 AM

Are you taking any supplements?


on June 27, 2012
at 08:38 AM

I have a long list of positive "side effects" too. My gums are also better, my dental hygenist had been bugging me about my gums and wanted me to floss more and try these stim sticks, but after going paleo i have not heard any more about it. BTW i think flax oil helps with this too.

I had minor skin issues (patches of dry skin and keratosis pilaris) that almost instantly went away after going paleo. My hair grows better with more body, is less greasy, and doesn't fall out much at all any more. I stopped getting hangnails. I have better mood and energy.

This is all aside from losing weight and 5 notches on my belt so far.

After about a year, I do notice that I need more carbs than when i first started, and i started to supplement some magnesium which helps with sleep and energy, my diet is low in that. But overall the benefits are way more than I expected.



on June 26, 2012
at 11:30 PM

I think my eyesight has improved as a result of paleo. I've been near-sighted since I was a child and have recently begun to struggle with the far-sightedness of the late forties. But I have recently found that I can read with distance glasses. I was unable to do that a year ago. Or even four years ago . . .

My gums also seem to be healthier--less irritated, but not quite as Paula described above!

And my skin, especially on my face, is much happier. . . moister, softer and less reactive.

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