Now I'm craving sugar?

Answered on December 12, 2013
Created December 10, 2013 at 6:26 PM

Hi all. Maybe this has been asked before but I would love some feedback from the community. I have never been a "sweets" person; I have always craved more salty foods. So, going Paleo was actually pretty easy, since I was already essentially GF. However, now that I'm a month in, I am having the WORST sugar cravings ever, and I have no idea why. Any thoughts? I work out (cross fit style), eat well, and have been sleeping almost 8 hours a night so I'm drawing a blank here. Thanks!

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on December 12, 2013
at 05:28 AM

What did you cut as far as carbs when going paleo? The sugar craving can happen temporarily, but I'd expect it more coming off heavy grains.

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on December 12, 2013
at 03:03 PM

@Desmond Thanks for your input!

@raydawg You raise a good point. I haven't really been paying too much attention to my carb intake, and consequently I think I've been lacking in that department.



on December 12, 2013
at 01:11 PM

Try taking some Alpha Lipoic Acid (or R-Lipoic Acid at half the dose of ALA), along with L-Glutamine to cut down on the cravings. Get the L-Glutamine as a powder and take a little bit when ever you feel cravings - it tastes a bit sweet and our brains can use it as a fuel, so it quiets the cravings down.

That said, perhaps you've gone way too low on the carbs. Try to get at least 25-50g/day.



on December 10, 2013
at 08:39 PM

I'm not sure WHY you are suddenly getting sugar cravings but consider throwing in some fruit to satisfy those cravings. Fruits tend to be dessert for me now...not because I need something "bad" with a meal, but because I love fruit and they leave a nice sweet taste.

Berries are always great and can be mixed with a lot of different foods (I soak Chia seeds in almond milk every night...add some berries and cinnamon and it's perfect). Maybe a banana before your workouts could do the trick.

As long as your diet is clean I would say to just listen to your body...if it wants sweet, give it sweet (just a Paleo/healthy sweet).

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