No fat lose and no muscle gain!

Answered on September 08, 2013
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Hello everyone! To get right to the question here. About two years ago I weighed 285 lbs. Now I am at 180. How I lost the weight was by the traditional 6 meals a day. Although it was pretty clean, lower carb, daily intake of oatmeal etc. My exercise regimen was chronic cardio because I trained for an ironman triathlon. I was training about 2 hours a day (swim,bike & run style training). I lost a lot of fat but I know I lost some muscle also. I did complete the ironman back in November. I took a month or so off and starting researching the paleo lifestyle. I was intrigued by it and decided to pursue it. I also starting reading mark's daily apple and trying to follow his protocol. Fast forward to today and I am having the hardest time trying to lose fat on my belly and chest area. I feel like I am following the protocol very close, and now have even implemented daily INtermitted fasting. You would think I would either lose fat or gain muscle. I train like most of the feedback I get from here and MDA. I really had to dial back as compared to my ironman training. But my body seems to be holding on to the fat and it seems I am a hard muscle gainer. Here is a sample: Up at 5:00-2cups of coffee with butter and coconut oil, stevia X 2 for a totally off 4 cups. Lunch at 11:00- 3 eggs and bacon, sausage or chicken Work out at 3:00 Post workout shake. Almond milk, joe Robb protein powder, raw egg, stevia, 1 cp of blue berries Dinner around 6- chicken or beef and usually on workout days sweet potatoe or broccoli.. I was counting calories for a while my calorie count is around 1600 calories.

I try to lift weights 3 time a week and and try to do sprint workouts a couple times a week. Getting a little frustrated and keep wanting lean back toward the chronic cardio and the frequent feedings because that is what worked. But I really like the paleo lifestyle. Anyways if any of you have a suggestion or see something I may can change please let me know. I appreciate your time and I look forward to posting more often. This is my first time but I love all of your inputs I read. Thanks Tommy

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on September 08, 2013
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1600 calories? How tall are you? I consume 1700 (on non-workout days) and I'm a woman who's 5' 3 1/2.

If you have stopped losing weight, you likely have hit a plateau. Some suggestions:

1. You may not be eating enough food, or the right combo of macronutrients for you. Track your food macronutrients and calories for a week or so; that will likely give you some good info about what you're consuming, and start tweaking from there.

2. You may be eating some food that is not your friend, and therefore are stalling out. For a month, kill the almond milk (and other nut products), possibly eggs (you could have a difficult time digesting the yolk, the whites, or both).

3. Try incorporating some hill sprints in your workout routine.

4. Consider intermittent fasting.

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