Nicotine and Paleo

Answered on December 30, 2013
Created December 30, 2013 at 5:08 AM

Hey guys! While reading up on the effects of nicotine I stumbled across studies that showed it increased blood glucose, which is the enemy of ketosis, correct? My question is, will nicotine consumption stop ketosis? Thanks!



on December 30, 2013
at 09:00 AM

It would be interesting to hear the result of this. When i smoked i felt like i could go days without eating.



on December 30, 2013
at 06:16 AM

were the studies done on nicotine consumption along with food, or did they show that nicotine on its own raised blood glucose ie. on an empty stomach.

i seem to recall similar studies on caffeine, ie. caffeine had a bit of an 'amplifying' effect on blood sugar, it raised blood sugar a bit more than no-caffeine, but this was along with food, the studies were not on caffeine by itself (on an empty stomach).



on December 30, 2013
at 06:09 AM

sounds like ripe pickings for an n1 experiment. how do you 'consume' your nicotine.

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on December 30, 2013
at 04:22 PM

You could always experiment on yourself. I neither smoke, nor use a patch/e-cig, so can't help there. There's obviously some studies as you point out, but if you want to know for sure, purchase a glucometer and strips to check your blood glucose levels, a blood ketone meter with strips.

Do several experiments, perhaps on a long weekend (or several weekends) so you don't have people at work looking at you weird for taking blood samples in public.

Day 1. Take both blood glucose and ketone levels every half hour. Do not consume nicotine.

Day 2. Take both blood & ketone levels every half hour (2 samples at least) before consuming nicotine, then right after for the next 2-3 hours every half hour.

Day 3. Repeat Day 1 while not fasted to see results of before/after eating food.

Day 4. Repeat Day 2 while not fasted to see results of nicotine on blood sugar/ketones before/after eating food.

Possibly repeat the experiment a few times so you get rid of any flukes.

Plot all the results on a pretty graph, post your results and interpret them on a blog post and list your exact methods, brands and models of meters used, exact food intake in grams on non-fast days, what type of nicotine, including brand that you've used and ask others to repeat your experiment, gather their data into yours and see if a larger pattern emerges.

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