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Answered on March 01, 2014
Created February 28, 2014 at 8:51 PM

Hi, I am new to Paleo and have just begun embarking upon the Whole30. I have mostly been a poultry and seafood eater with regard to non-vegetarian food, and have only recently reintroduced beef (grass-fed) into my diet. I also believe that I am allergic to eggs, as they tend to upset my stomach. Any advice about what foods I can look to incorporate more into my eating would be appreciated, and tips about how to stay on track. Thank you.

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on March 01, 2014
at 01:04 PM

If you want some general tips on the Paleo Diet, what to eat and how to get started,

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on March 01, 2014
at 04:44 AM

My wife had (has) autoimmune issues and did a strick elimination diet way before I even knew about paleo. No eggs, no dairy, no wheat, no nightshades, no peanuts, no fruit.

I called it "I'll have the wild salmon & spinach diet" plus supplements recommend by her alternative MD (a real MD who's seen the light)

After several months she reintroduced some these....she's ok with eggs but she's still nearly 100% dairy (fluid milk), wheat, grains, sugar, fruit & peanut free.

I suggest fatty fish & grass fed beef and green leafies that don't upset your stomach. What you eat during your adaptation / healing phase is most likely not what you'll be stuck with forever, unless you have some more serious issues. Take it slow... it took me over 6 months to go from SAD to paleo.

IMO a slower transition is easier. While I like the Whole 30 approach, I tend to see it as 'cold turkey' and fear that many people might fail to adapt to / adapt paleo because the transition is too hard, too abrupt.

I'm betting that if you give your gut a rest it will get better.

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on February 28, 2014
at 09:10 PM

Stomach upset from eggs doesn't mean allergy. Could simply be that you are inflamed and when that resolves itself after a few months of Paleo you can try reintroducing them slowly back into your diet. That method worked well for my wife!

Grass fed beer, locally raised pork - not factory swine, sardines, organic veggies, potatoes, homemade fermented foods like sauerkraut.

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