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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 24, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Hey All Ok so my Mom is trying Paleo! Yeay! But she is used to being on a nutrient lacking diet. She was on Weight watchers for years. When she would get off of it she would (naturally) gain weight back. Now she has been on a STRICT (she???s so awesome at this stuff) Paleo diet. She has gained some weight. About 5lbs. and ok now she???s freaking out. I have explained to her that her body needs to adjust to nutrient dense foods. And that she needs to give it some time. My cousin (who is a Paleo Nazi lol in a good way ;)) has told her the same. So now she kind of believes me, but I still think she needs some convincing. Of course My Father who has been doing it also but not as strict, he???s about a 70/30 or so has been feeling great and losing weight. I have been trying to comfort her and letting her know that this is definitely the WAY to eat. Can I get some support from my fellow Paleo grubbers in letting her know in the long run this is the best way to eat? HELP! PLEASE!

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on July 24, 2013
at 06:48 PM

Whew. Where to start. I have told my mom to try Paleo for one month as a birthday gift for me. She grudgingly agreed. :D Yay for us.

Most people have a 30 day transition period. I didn't. In fact, I'm still in the middle of mine, and it's already two months. My friend's transition period was a year. YES, A YEAR. But she is finally free of stomach cancer! She fought the fight. There were times where she just wanted to give up because she was told that she was going to die in five months; but I told her to push on. Now, she is cancer-free. She plays tennis, sings in the choir, and does all the things a normal college girl does. If it weren't for paleo, she would have died, and I am so grateful for the paleo lifestyle.

I've always been obese. ALWAYS. Then, I was overweight. I tried over thirteen diets. I'm talking the military diet, ABC diet, Atkins, Medi diet, vegan (I KNOW, OMG), vegetarian, fruitarian (I was nearly dead), etc. I was desperate. Also, I had chronic acne, severe keratosis pilaris, dermatitis, cystic acne, ulticaria, acanthosis nigricans, shortness of breath, creaky left leg bones, carpal tunnel in my right wrist, hair loss, blurry vision, insulin resistance, athlete's foot, candida overgrowth, blackheads all over my body, sleeping problems, ingrown hairs, PCOS, the tendency to scar easily, and I had attention problems.

I'm in my second month: My acne has calmed down considerably, and I don't get as many blackheads. I don't have bone problems. I can sleep like a log. I can wake up without feeling like I wanna sleep for a thousand years. I finally have hair growing back. I can actually concentrate on a task (vital to college life). And I actually am motivated to work out.

I'm still transitioning. Obviously, I abused my body when I was younger. But really, I am seeing the better version of me. I am friendlier and much happier. Others often remark that I changed so much.

I hope this inspired you. :D Hopefully, your mother will also experience the benefits.



on July 24, 2013
at 08:03 PM

Health first. Once the body is healthy, the weight may come off. If she still feels stuck, lowering carbs--especially eating a lot of fruit and any sweeteners like honey--might help.

If she has been on WW, she may not be eating enough fat. She is probably terrified of fat and certain she will drop dead from heart disease for eating saturated fat. Reassure her and make sure she is eating whole foods with plenty of fat.

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