Methanogen Removal?

Commented on August 01, 2015
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Upon much research, I've found through my own symptoms and what so far has been studied when it comes to gastrointestinal complications, that an overgrowth of methan-producers/methanogens causes constipation/bloating. It's associated with SIBO. 
So far, one of the greatest remedies that consistently shows up is garlic (precisely, kyolic/allium, derived from garlic). 
A year ago, I treated candida with an intense garlic supplementation protocol given by my doctor. A few months ago, assuming I had SIBO, I combined garlic with berberine herbs, which seemed to help.

However, the constipation/bloating has returned- I've tried magnesium, d-limonene (as now I'm getting reflux), extra probiotics (Garden of Life Dr. Formulated 90 Billion, Prescript Assist, AOR Probiotic, Primal Defense Ultra, Renew Life Critical Care), more fat in my diet, fermented foods and drinks (kefir, kombucha, kimchi, fermented veg), Triphala, fiber (acacia, psylium, flax, chia)/ resistant starch (FOS, diet), bitters, etc. I believe the issue is with an overgrowth. My insurance is funny right now, and when I saw my doctor last, I had my stool tested for any parasites or yeast- nothing showed up. Insurance doesn't cover the breath test for SIBO or the antibiotics used to treat it.

So after the research, I want to know how to treat the methanogens in my intestines. I'm not severely constipated, as the above remedies work to an extenct, but it's getting worse and the trick is to at least 'go' until I can find a solution for removing those pesky buggers. I also know that stimulating the MMC is essential, which I ignored when I first treated SIBO. 

Overall, I'm looking to boost my diet and supplement accordingly.

Diet-Wise- Continue with fermented foods. I don't bloat, get cramps/headaches/pain, or feel any adverse symptoms with these guys. I tried cutting them out for a month, and still get constipated. So they're back in. But for food, I'm looking at mostly fish (which are high in omega 3's and minerals), pastured eggs, and liver for 'protein'. Most of the diet is based, however, on leafy greens (esp dandelion), cruciferous vegetables, minute servings of fruit (grapefruit/kiwi/pineapple/berries, as occasional garnishes once or twice a week on a salad), and some squash, plantains, or sweet potatoes every now and then, especially if I've been active. Plenty of fats from animals but also avocado, coconut/olive/flax oil, nuts/seeds, and coconut. I'm also going to integrate more sea vegetables, which are mineral rich. 
Supplement-Wise, I continue to use L-Glutamine for gut repair, as well as Zinc Carnosine, Fish Oil (Carlson brand), a standard Multivitamin (PURE Encapsulations O.N.E), and magnesium (CALM formula and a topical magnesium spray over my stomach; it's on sale at Sprout's, and I've found that compromised guts struggle to absorb enough magnesium, even if it is supplemental). 

On top of all this, I'm looking into supporting my liver, so any specific brands/products would be appreciative. Leaning towards Body Ecology's LivAmend. I'm also prone to stress, and while meditation and personal care helps tremendously, perhaps another formulation for the short term may help. Maybe-I also don't want to go overboard on the supplements. 

Restoring MMC is essential, and I've tried Iberogast with mixed results; seemed to lose its effects over time. Looking at MotilPro by PURE Encapsulations, which contains 5 HTP and ginger, and few other ingredients.

There's only one more product that I have and it's Colostrum. I have not yet taken it, but the research and response to its incorporation when it comes to boosting immunity/gut health, so I hope this will help in the short term or even as a maintenance going forth.

Whew! That's a lot of info, but I hope this helps!


on July 31, 2015
at 04:37 PM


L-Glutamine is amazing; the key is staying consistent with it. I'm currently out, but can already feel the effects. In sum, it's currently a lifesaver, especially when it comes to bloating. I've tried Great Lakes Gelatin and Vital Proteins, but gelatin just slows my digestion down and exacerbates constipation (which saddens me- it makes for a decent protein powder, even though it does lack some important amino acids). 

This article is quite fascinating, to say the least. Obviously, given the environment where this discussion takes place, I am paleo, and abstain from the consumption of gluten; I have not touched gluten for five years, after having read the literature covering the potential dangers of its consumption at the start of this dietary removal. However, I did grow up with crap foods, so the damage may already have been done (although there were other reasons that may have been the sole culprits behind the reason why my digestion is in its current state- anxiety, depression, suffering from abuse, elevating weight levels- non eating disorder related, though; the trauma from nearly a decade of hell made my gut sick and I often lost and gained weight constantly as a result- never breast fed, had colic as a baby, undiagnosed intolerance to dairy, still struggling to pass stools in childhood, etc). 

I'm beginning to lean towards bifido supplementation when the time is right. The more I study about various bacteria, the bifido variety seem the most potent compared to lactobacillus; Donna Gates, a renowned expert in this field and founder of body ecology, often raves about this species in interviews, although she has yet to recommend a specific supplement. Dr Grace from Animal Pharm/Gut Institute also writes fondly of B. Longum in particular, sourcing it as a Gut Guardian and superpower.

I've actually been exploring the galbladder and liver theories towards digestion. A lot of 'gurus' often relate both organs to detoxification, recommending extensive cleansing of them in order to optimize digestion. In the Western world where what I call 'Engineer Foods' reign supreme amongst abnormal stress levels, a lack of exercise, and over prescription of chemicals to cover symptoms, I can actually see the logic behind the aforementioned philosophy. In an otherwise healthy individual, these organs work to their optimum capacity, and a so-called cleanse of sorts would at the most be very brief and rare; on a daily basis, cleansing is on-going. That's why these organs exist. But as I mentioned before in today's world, this is not always the case, and these organs are either severely impaired or overworked and incapable of working as they should. So I've considered supplementation with liver supporting herbs like Milk Thistle/Silymarin and Bile salts just to give them a break. The two are often interchangably discussed in the realm of 'detox', and while I do not neccessarily believe every detail and train of thought relating towards the detox brigade, I can in fact acknowledge that some points are quite valid and even useful in certain scenarios, such as my own. 
In the case of leaky gut and infections, these organs have to put up with recycling the dead bacteria/fungi/yeast that are causing problems, so a 'turbo boost' of sorts a la supplementation with a safe formula might help in the short term. Bitter foods, stress management, exercise, and overall optimal diet are longer term strategies. So I'm looking into these things as well.

I take 2-3 tbs of EVCO on a daily basis, actually! LOVE the stuff. When I was treating Candida, I could not tolerate ANY fat, no less coconut oil. I would actually become physically nauteous. NOW, I'm more fat adapted than before, but will add that while I do consume more fats, I do for the most part eat a ton of fiber from plants. But yes, Coconut Oil is also a life saver. 

A few months ago, I did in fact try PRO-15; I think it's a good, basic probiotic to use daily. I've heard of Primal Flora, but have not yet tried it for myself as there are not enough reviews to convince me to give it a try (speak up, people!).

I've also tried the FODMAPS diet- I was on it for half a year, and was in even worse shape. There's a great book in my library called The Gut Balance Revolution, which I wish would have been publically released during my FODMAP attempt. Turns out, a FODMAP-free diet can severely reduce/starve our good bacteria. It should only be utilized for at most two to three months; ideally, only one, or perhaps even 2 weeks. I notice in the forums, online (look at all those FODMAP free blogs), and instagram, that people dedicate themselves to staying on this diet almost for life, which is dangerous.  Some RS in the form of tubers, fruits, and FODMAP foods like onions/garlic/cauliflower/nightshades/etc are actually very, very healthy not only for the gut but for optimal health, as these foods contain nutrients that benefit other systems in the body as well. Surprisingly, I don't react negatively to onions and garlic, or most FODMAP foods. I usually react to apples, nectarines, apricots, grapes, hemp seeds, and unfermented spirulina. Weird. Everything else is fine! I tried going fodmap free again a few days ago, with zero results. 

VLC and constant IF is also producing similar results in these communities. I'm not convinced that IF especially is the best practice for most people. I would say occasional IF is fine, but constant use of it doesn't seem to help the average joe. Those who IF a lot, I noticed, are athletes. That's just from my observation; I could be wrong. I don't IF because I'm a young woman, still developing, and am quite active- I need to eat to support my activity. 

New Development under way: Two days ago, I did an experiment. I took 1 Prescript Assist cap with a 4 oz glass of water with prebiotics before bed- Inulin/FOS and 1 TSP of Acacia Fiber. I also took 1 cap of D-Limonene for the reflux. The morning after, my stools were easier to pass. I did not feel like I completely evacuated, but this is something very promising, as PA tended to constipate me. I tried it a second time and had similar results. I'm going to continue testing this to see what happens.

In the meantime, I still need to take care of that pesky Methanogen problem!


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on July 29, 2015
at 10:25 AM

I would start here:  http://drbganimalpharm.blogspot.com/2013/11/how-to-cure-sibo-small-intestinal-bowel_10.html and I'd keep reading stuff from that forum.

The conversations there in the comments seem to have a lot of very good detailed info.  On the candida front, if you wake up with a coated tongue, one thing you could try is sesame seed oil.  I tried that one night and in the morning my tongue, which used to be coated with something the thickness of cream cheese was totally clear.  You should also consume some sesame oil on food if candida is an issue.  There's a paper on it, but sadly I can only see the abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24057219

I'm not sure what would work well for methanogens, but I'd bet somewhere on that forum, you'll find the answer.

The 3rd article in the series has comments that mention that inulin, magnesium, and sulfur can be used against these guys, so you're on the right track with the magnesium. (L-Glutamine and Zinc Carnosine are good steps too though not mentioned there):


Constipation is multifactoria -- too many methanogens, not enough inulin/OS rich foods in the diet, sometimes a mineral/magnesium deficiency

When the gut is broken, mag isn't absorbed via the gut. Need to go topical with mag oil or sprays or Epsom salt baths. Very super soothing too!!

Sulfur rich vegetables will shift out methanogens. (some people report great gut results and resuming gut acidity with Opti MSM (hat tip Christie!))
--all brassica family
--garlic, onions, leeks (also inulin rich of course)


One thing I've personally found that helps prevent reflux at night is activated charcoal.  I take 3-4 pills of AC at night right before sleep, and this absorbs whatever the evil little bacteria/yeasts are pushing out, most likely LPS.  There's an article on Chris Kresser's site about esphageal leakiness that mentions that flora can produce LPS and for some reason the LES can open up when exposed to LPS: http://chriskresser.com/is-heartburn-caused-by-leaky-esophagus/ :

One possibility lies in the esophageal microbiome. The esophagus houses a community of microbiota similar in complexity to the intestinal microbiome, and the makeup of this bacterial community is different in healthy people compared to people with GERD. The microbes found in the esophagus of GERD patients are primarily gram-negative, while the microbes in the esophagus of healthy people are primarily gram-positive. (9)

Increased numbers of gram-negative bacteria can trigger inflammation by exposing epithelial cells to lipopolysaccharides (LPS), a component of gram-negative bacteria that causes immune responses in the body. (10) The inflammatory cytokines released in response to LPS can then lead to loss of tight-junction integrity, resulting in esophageal permeability. (11, 12)

Exposure to LPS can also cause the LES to relax, promoting reflux and increasing acid exposure time – again, creating a vicious cycle.


Please reply back if you find out anything more or with what you did to get it under control when you've fixed your issues.



on July 30, 2015
at 10:53 AM


RE: Chris Kresser, yeah, it's still early days, we don't know what will heal a leaky esophagus, though what works for the small intestine (Glutamine, gelatine, etc.) might help.

I've currently started reading Dr. Seneff's review article on glyphosate, ( http://nhrighttoknowgmo.org/BreakingNews/Glyphosate_II_Samsel-Seneff.pdf
)  and there are a lot of things related to both symptoms you list and those I recognize I have.  One section, the end of section 3 mentions sulfur.  Another mentions impairment of D3 and Vitamin A, and so forth, which explains some of what I'm dealing with.  It also spells out which bacteria are killed off, so it may help, if that's your root cause as well as mine, to help us find probiotics/fermented foods with those bacteria...

I can tell you that the gut flora does change rapidly and that can cause all sorts of fun.  For example, for the longest time I could not eat any dairy from cow's milk, I could only consume goat/sheep/buffalo fermented milk products probably due to the A1 casein.  But now I can happily consume kefir, skyr, cheddar, etc., because like wheat/rye/barley, it would cause acid reflux the same night.  And ofc, cheese is mostly casein, so it's amazing that I don't react to it anymore...  It's a very strange thing to deal with when your reactions change day by day.

I'm taking Hyperbiotics PRO-15 which has 15 strains, hopefully it will replenish the flora I need and not cause problems, but so far it's been working well.  I also recently used Primal Flora and that seemed to help as well, and before that Prescript Assist.  I want to cycle through a lot of these so as to help repopulate my gut with various species.  I'll probably do a uBiome soon after taking a break for a week or two from probiotics to see what's there.

Colostrum seemed to help my wife when she had Graves disease, so yeah, if there's an automimmune factor or any immune system related issues, this can help reset the immune system.

Congrats on ridding yourself of candida, that's a big important step.  SIFO/SIBO are bitch.

I'm sure you and I have different gut flora as AC doesn't (usually) constipate me.  I guess I tend to have more the opposite type of bacteria and the opposite problem. :)

If you do get constipated, virgin coconut oil can help a lot, and may help you tolerate AC.  It will can kill off gram negative bacteria, most of which are pathogens, so likely that's a good thing to try if you haven't.  I'd start with a teaspoon of EVCO, and work up to a tablespoon or two a day - you can always go the way of the bulletproof coffee, but be sure to use pure virgin coconut oil and not MCT as the other fractions in coconut oil are what kill off the pathogens.  MCT does kill some, but not all.

It may be worth consuming coconut flour or meat as well, as its fibers seem to help.  You could make coconut flour pancakes and fry them in coconut oil and maybe top them in kerrygold butter, no syrup, maybe a few drops of liquid stevia for sweetness.


But yeah, according to Dr. Seneff's paper, glyphosate fucks with sulfur reducing bacteria which may explain a few things - at least for me, I feel really great when I consume things like onions, I could eat a whole onion and feel great.  OfC, if you're reacting to the FODMAPs there, you'll have a bad reaction, so yeah, pls reply back after you take MSM and see how it works out. (Not saying everything in that paper is a problem I have, but rather I'm using what it points out as typical in celiac issues in order to try to address it.)

I also did get some gas when I had inulin, but I also got a lot of gas after eating a cup of blueberries, so I do have some kind of bugs that don't react well to whatever fibers are in there.  I don't seem to have gas anymore when eating rice and I started eating a cup of rice regularly at night as it helps with sleep, and inulin is starting to no longer be gas producing for me.  So there's progress.

(Long story, I went overboard with IF and even alternate day fasting while doing VLC and fucked up my sleep, which is likely a root cause of a lot of my problems, but I'm starting to get that under control these days and eating a cup of rice at night along with activated charcoal lets me sleep well and not get reflux.)

You could also try something like asparagus extract or sulflorophane (from broccoli sprouts), perhaps they won't have whatever FODMAPs you're reacting to and might allow you to get some sulfur out of them, plus they've got other beneficial effects... of course there's always eggs, if you can eat those, maybe eat lots of them and see how it works.




on July 29, 2015
at 08:23 PM

Couple things (thanks for answering, by the way!):

- Dr Grace's blog/ Gut Institute are phenomenal. I've been scowering them for about a week now. 
- I don't have any more candida- especially not a coated tongue!

- Been taking MagnaCalm and using elemental magnesium sprays. Helps a little but is just a band aid. Inulin, not so sure; I get little gas pockets now, but there is no odor. 

- Hmm. Sulfur seems interesting. Now, if I CAN eat, I go for cruciferous veg, but from what it appears to be that you are suggesting, the amount I would need to treat those methanogens would be difficult to obtain through diet alone. Yes? I'll have to look into Opti MSM- at least it has other benefits as well, such as bones/hair/etc.

- I have Activated Charcoal, but it constipates me even worse; tried it in the past only a handful of times, at the lowest dose possible, and it damn well clogs me up for an entire day. Don't think I should be usuing it right now.

- The article from Chris Kresser's is very insightful, but what irritated me is that he does not specifically state what can be done to treat a 'leaky esophogus'- from what I assume, it's through his preferred Prescript Assist supplementation, a paleo-esque diet, and HCL (all of which I am doing).

I'm so far going to start treating the MMC and restoring motility. MotilPro is a well discussed but often underutilized supplement I see a lot these days. While it's recommended, most people either forgo it in favor of a prescription or complain about the ginger burn/spice. Personally, I'd put up with the burn/spice if it meant I was only temporarily going to use it and get better in the long term. Constipation is also due to a lack of serotonin, from what I've read (so many people however switch it over to too much)- 5HTP, found in MotilPro, hopefully will help as well. 

I'm looking into treating this with Microb-X for a few weeks, then switching to garlic, like I did in the past. During which time I'll be taking MotilPro, perhaps tempering off into Iberogast for a while as maintenance, and continuing with my current regimen of supplementation. But you have me at MSM- I'll conduct a little more research and look into it!

Thanks again!



on July 31, 2015
at 10:41 PM

It is very intersting that so many people with SIBO problems come to Paleohacks. 

As a former SIBO sufferer (and I had methane-producing bacteria), I must tell you this: SIBO has to be diagnosed and treated by a qualified physician. Surely, you can suspect you have SIBO but you cannot verify it without a proper test. Even the test sometimes fails!

I understand that your insurance is funny, but I don't think SIBO test is that expensive. It is only $125 and you will know for sure. I beleive only the supplements will cost you as much. You really need to get tested if you suspect you have SIBO.

There are two different ways of treating this condition: a medical one and a naturopathic one. Methane-producing bacteria is almost impossible to get rid of using naturopathic medicine. You need antibiotics (actually, two different kinds), you need prokinetics, you need your test interpreted correctly. There is absolutely no way you can do it without a doctor.

Good luck to you but my advice is: seek proper medical treatment first.  


on August 01, 2015
at 12:19 AM

Thank you for your best wishes- I turned to this website because it seems that a lot of people have found some success from treating their conditions and I was open to advice and support. I am working with a doctor who is very open minded to natural alternatives. If an antibiotic is the only means of ridding myself of this pest, then so be it, but I prefer a more gentler approach. I know my case is not too severe where I look pregnant, am in pain, fatigued, or becoming anemic and deficient in nitrients, but it is a concern. I cured a yeast infection last year naturally with guidance from my doctor and I'm hoping to do the same again with SIBO. My insurance just ruins time and resources when it comes to testing and such.



on August 01, 2015
at 10:39 AM

Please share how you cured an yeast infection, I am very interested. I am sure a lot of people would love to know. 

I have read some place that people cured themselves of SIBO using candibactin AR, BR and disbiocide, as well as garlic supplements. However, those supplemens are so expensive, and you have to take them for months. I have tried them but they did not work for me. Antibiotics were cheap, without any side effects and I only had to take them for ten days.

You can also try clean eating, but you have to have a very strong will power to do that. Plus I don't know anyone who would get rid of a documented (with tests) SIBO just by following a very strict diet. Although diet is the root casue of it all (that' what I believe) and the only thing that provides true cure.  

If you need a remedy for constipation, let me know. I know two that are completely natural and work extremely well. 


on August 01, 2015
at 05:31 PM

The antibiotics are quite expensive, from what I have read; I also have observed the fact that there is a significant amount of sibo-sufferers relapsing in spite of taking the antibiotics and suffering unfavorable side effects. 
 On the flip-side, antibiotic use can be effective, indeed, especially in severe cases. I would not say I am one of those- I am not in pain, I do eliminate somewhat everyday (just doesn't feel complete), I am neither fatigued nor deficient in major nutrients. The problems I listed above are what ails me. Curiously, if you check the sibo info site, it has been observed that natural botanicals have been shown to be equally as effective as pharmeceuticals. As I said before, I believe it depends on the severity, which I intuitively sense is my case, where I am more suited towards the natural means.

I also admit that I did not implement gut healing, stress management, and prokinetics into my recovery and treatment. 

OK, outside of this, I will list how I treated my yeast infection. With this, I DID get testing, which cost almost $1,000 total; about $500 before and after. I'm a 21 year old student, with a part time job. I shelled out a lot of savings to pay not only for the testing but for the supplement(s) to treat the infection. Similar to my SIBO, my symptoms were not extreme enough to the point that I needed an anti biotic. This was done with my doctor (he is both an MD and ND; very hard to come by, these days).

I'll break everything down; this all took place last year, 2014:

Symptoms: White coated tongue. Belly bloat. Headaches. Fatigue. Deficient in vitamin d/zinc/borderline anemic. Dizzy and nauseous after eating fat or heavy carbs. Anxious, moody. Gurgling stomach. It was at this time that I was dealing with the opposite of my current problem- diarrhea. Constantly. Stool was foul in odor.

Duration of Treatment: 3 and 1/2 months.

Diet Change: From Dr: Eliminate all fruit (except lemon/lime), gluten, soy, dairy, yeast (kombucha and nutritional yeast), and fungi (no more mushrooms). Introduce animal foods (was a vegan at the time- won't get into the details, but I went back after treatment, which ruined my health in other ways until I embraced paleo in the spring of 2015)- my choices were boiled chicken, ground beef, eggs, and tuna. Additional Changes: I read a book called the Body Ecology Diet (look it up if you have not heard of it- all about the gut/digestion and infections), and adopted its principles- ie, eliminating nightshades to reduce inflammation, food combining (I doubt the validity of fc right now, and no longer practice it), and fermented foods. I started adding in fermented vegetables (made locally at the farmer's market), coconut water kefir, kimchi, and pickled foods like ginger. To this day, I do not eat a lot of fruit, and if I do, its in very small amounts. However, I do drink kombucha; my favorite brand is Health Ade, although I drink no more than 4 oz. I also have nightshades, nutritional yeast, and mushrooms without any adverse reactions.

Supplements: Canda Clear. It's a 'program' containing about 4 different capsules that are to be taken at night, before bed. This contained high concentrations of: Garlic, Cinnamon, Caprylic Acid, L-Glutamin, NAG, and a 25 Billion CFU Probiotic (Lactobacillus and Bifido blend). I also took Oil of Oregano (Gaia Brand); 1 capsule every other day for the first month, 1 capsule everyday for the second, and 2 capsules everyday for the third. I also will mention that I took these supplements for 4 weeks, then stopped ingesting them for two weeks before repeating their use for another 4 weeks. So, 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off. 

Outside of this, I took a very strong multivitamin formula that my doctor sold only through his office; you cannot find it online. But it was 4 pills; 2 multis, 1 omega 3, and 1 cardiovascular/blood sugar formula. I also purchased digestive enzymes through the Body Ecology Website. What I bought was their 'travel pack', containing pouches of 4 different supplements they sold- 1 broad spectrum digestive enzyme (plant and pancreatic blend), 1 mineral blend, 1 liver support, and 1 all bifido blend (I believe it had about 5 billion CFU; I could be wrong, as I have not taken it again since this treatment). I took this pouch only with dinner.

I also drank Pau D'Arco Tea, bone broth (pacific foods brand; you can find it at Sprout's or whole foods), meditated deeply, and began my extensive research into gut health. I also will mention that this time was the impetus of my questioning the vegan lifestyle and mentality. 

At the end of all this, my final test showed I had cleared myself of the overgrowth and my levels were back to normal. 

For the constipation remedies, I'd love to hear them. I mentioned this before, but I am experimenting with taking probiotics AND prebiotics TOGETHER at night before bed, and am seeing some significant results already. I'm still belching like crazy and not completely evacuating, but if I had to gauge it, I would say that when I first posted on this forum, it felt like I was only passing 40% of what I needed to, and now, it feels more like 60-80%. The prebiotics are 1 tsp of acacia fiber and Inulin FOS with 1 cap of Prescript Assist. I'm still going to take a botanical extract (or 2) to deal with lingering buggers, but I am going to seek out my doctor and evaluate whether or not I should incorporate a prokinetic and support my adrenals/liver at this time. 



on August 01, 2015
at 10:02 PM

Thank you very much for your detailed answer, it was very interesting and beneficial for me to read. It is amazing because all of the symptoms you listed for candida were actually my symptoms for SIBO. I would love to know what kind of test you had to go trough for candida, since my test showed I did not have it. Maybe I took the wrong one?

I have tried most of the supplements you listed and I had a very adverse reaction to most of them.  

Okay, here is how to take care of your constipation problem:

Remedy #1. This is special mineral water Link It has a lot of minerals, and tons of naturally occuring magnesium. Here is how to drink it:

You have to use a double boiler (basically, I just heat up some water, then pour the hot water in a big bowl, then put my cup with mineral water in the middle of it). While the water is heating up, you have to swish it around with a spoon till all the bubbles are gone. You can drink it either in the morning, before meal or before every meal.

It cleans you out like a roto-rooter that is why it is very important 1. TO KEEP HYDRATING YOURSELF BY DRINKING A LOT OF SPRING WATER 2. NOT TO TAKE IT FOR LONGER THAN A WEEK. Basically, take it for five days, then pause for a week, then you can take it again. It changes some kind of water-salt balance and if you are not careful, you can mess your body up. I know it because I actually wrote a letter to the company and they explained the side effects.

Despite the fact that this is naturally occuring mineral water, it is so powerful, it should be treated as medicine. So be very careful with it. If you take too much, you will get a diarrea that will disappear as soon as you stop taking water.

Remedy #2

Fermented Fireweed herbal tea. I am not sure if you will be able to get it, I bought it in Latvia. It really works for digestive problems and stress! Not only it helps you to eliminate waste, it kills candida and intestinal parasites as well. I was very impressed since I felt the effect right away. 

Again, it is like medicine so you should not take it every single day. It is not habit-forming, but it is a mild laxative and it can cause some damage (like pretty much everything) if you are not careful.

I usually take both of them and it really helps me to stay regular. In fact, they work much better than any laxatives I have ever tried. One more thing that I have noticed that even if I overdo them, I don't get a bad diarrhea, and I can easily control things.   

As for SIBO, I have a feeling that I know why it keeps coming back for so many people. I believe SIBO is connected to other issues, probably some kind of metabolic disorder or thyroid or something like that. So SIBO is bound to return when underlying issues are not solved. 

Again, thanks for answering. I learned a lot. 




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