Leukemia..gluten is the cause?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 28, 2012 at 3:08 PM

Hi everyone in paleohacks , Im always asked to myself which can be the cause of leukemia...

In Italy a doctor called PIERO MOZZI has cured a lot lot lot of people which the more kinds of problems! cancer , skins disease , headache , acid reflux.. everything.

His way of operate are based of the blood group's diet. Yeh I know you,re probably laugh now.

It's a kind of diet vey similar to paleo , but with foods that change in realtion of your blood's type.. mine is 0.

this diet , however, doesn't eliminate legumes , and neither quinoa , and as we know these foods can cause leaky gut.

But He said in a trasmission that leukemia is the damage that gluten can cause in a person which can't tolerate it .. for me it's not a bad idea.. what's you think about?

try to google him : PIERO MOZZI!

Stay paleo !

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2 Answers


on July 28, 2012
at 04:16 PM

The theory that gluten is a direct cuase, as far as I can tell after some quick research, has no weight.

What does have some growing evidence is the theory that several kinds of diseases (and I've heard leukemia mentioned) are caused, triggered, or exacerbated by excessive auto-immune responses. And there is the potential link with glutens as a known more-or-less common cause of autoimmune responses.

The problem here is that there's no "accepted, voted on, acknowledged" theory yet. There's empirical observation and data, but it hasn't been massaged and edited by the medical community for conformance (and standards, and accuracy, it's not all bad)


on July 28, 2012
at 04:24 PM

Yes , maybe not just gluten...but it can "help" to get it...

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