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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 17, 2013 at 3:35 PM

My doctor recently told me I have a leaky gut along with a slew of other food sensitivities. I have been gluten free for over a month and already feel better. I'm thinking paleo is the best diet for me, so I wanna give it a try. My questions are... 1. Why can I not have dairy. It does not seem to bother me and I would think having it in the form of homemade yogurt or something would help heal my gut. Is that wrong? 2. Once my gut has healed will I be able to add grains back in? I have given up even gluten free products for the moment but would love to have them in moderation some day. 3. What supplements are good? The ones my doc gave me made me break out in hives :(

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4 Answers


on June 17, 2013
at 03:52 PM

You may be able to tolerate grains in small amounts once your gut is healed (which will probably take a long time, just warning you) but every time you eat grains you're risking harming your gut again. The problem is, it's almost impossible to KNOW whether you've completely healed your gut or not, and hard as we try most of us end up ingesting some amount of things inadvertently that harm our guts. So, adding back things that you have confirmation aren't good for your gut is asking for trouble.

Re supplements, the stars of leaky gut healing are L-Glutamine and a quality probiotic, specifically Bifidobacteria. L-Glutamine helps repair the holes and loose joints of the gut that are allowing food particles to enter the bloodstream, and bifidobacteria makes up 70% of the healthy bacteria in your gut, which most likely needs help repopulating after so much damage. I use a brand called NutriKey's product Bifido Balance, which has really helped me. It helped my ex-boyfriend with his lactose intolerance as well. Take one or two L-Glutamine and one bifido pill 15 minutes before each meal to ensure maximal absorption into your gut.

Also, eating probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kombucha can help repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria as well. If you want to go beyond L-Glutamine and bifido, take a magnesium supplement. It's pretty much good for everything. And make sure you're eating lots of omega-3 rich foods, as a skewed omega-3 to omega-6 ratio can cause gut inflammation.


on June 17, 2013
at 05:45 PM

There are no good answers. Fish Peptides have some reasonable research as a food "aid" for such conditions. ISB/Crohn's etc.

wikipedia has good summary of research info on Fish Protein Powders and their benefits.


on June 17, 2013
at 04:00 PM

I have leaky gut and a host of digestive issues in addition to skin problems. I went gluten free a year ago and felt a little better but only felt a lot better after I went grain free, about 9 months ago. However, my sugar and carb cravings were really bad and I read in the Perfect Health Diet that you can curb cravings with a little bit of starches. Also seasonal allergies went away after 3 months on Paleo but by dermatitis would still flare up every few days. For the cravings, I started eating a 1/2 c serving of white rice twice per day. For the dermatitis, I started following the autoimmune protocol as described in thepaleomom.com website.

I'm lactose intolerant so I can't drink milk or eat yogurt but I do eat moderate amounts of cheese fairly often with no bad side effects. I have added white rice back into my diet and it's been great. Your final question on supplements, I do believe they are important to restoring my health. I would suggest reading theperfecthealthdiet.com website or book appendix supplementation.


on June 17, 2013
at 03:43 PM

Dairy is a very debatable subject. I have ulcerative colitis which this diet has basically put into complete remission over the past couple of years. I use dairy. Cream, cheese and full fat yoghurt and find it works very well for me. My wife is lactose intolerant and eats very little dairy products other than some cheese.

Try it on yourself and see what works best for you.

The bad news is that grains are probably out on a permenant basis. I have tried cheat days with grain and the results are immediate and unpleasant. I cannot go back to grains.

The only supliments I take is magnesium to stop my feet cramping. Hopefully with the improved digestion I an getting my vitamins and trace minerals from my diet now.

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