is whipped cream paleo?

Answered on October 31, 2014
Created September 25, 2014 at 3:35 PM

With thanksgiving coming around I picked up some delicious french whipped cream from Costco.

On the label 15g is 45 cals with 2g of sugar the rest being fat.  Been stuffing my face with it.  Seems paleo enough for me!

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on September 25, 2014
at 08:52 PM

Get the sugar-free one from Land O' Lakes, it has zero carbs and tastes exactly like the real deal. Technically no dairy based whipped cream is "Paleo". But it sure is low-carb/keto and pretty bening since it's basically emulsified milkfat (butter) and water.



on September 26, 2014
at 12:37 PM

But then a gram or two of sugar per serving isn't awful either. 


on September 26, 2014
at 05:37 AM

sound good .. i here about it i.. it was good .. try it


on October 31, 2014
at 05:37 PM

If you're worried about extra stuff being in it. just buy heavy cream and electric beat it until it is a whipped cream thickness. Very easy and tastes good. 


on September 28, 2014
at 02:15 PM

Most whip cream on store shelves comes with questionable thickening agents and a whole host of other nasties. I prefer to make it myself. 

I eat homemade whip a lot :) In the event of a whip cream overdoes, I'll look to other deserts like the ones on this list: healthlisted dot com/paleo-dessert-recipes/

Anything pumpkin = amazing!



on September 26, 2014
at 07:07 AM

Why not buy double (heavy) cream and whip it yourself? Then you know what's in it.



on September 25, 2014
at 11:54 PM

What does the ingredient list say?  Any funny stuff like titanium dioxide? gums? thickening agents? "natural" flavor?  Or is it just pure cream?



on September 26, 2014
at 02:53 PM

I didn't see anything funny really only pastured cream a couple other things and the pressure gas I foget what its called.


on September 25, 2014
at 06:17 PM

It sounds delicious.

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