Is it unreasonably picky to not date people who don't have an interest in natural health?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created July 30, 2011 at 4:12 AM

I can't date a guy who doesn't have any interest in his health or food. The last guy i dated was very into natural health and traditional Hawaiian herbal medicine. He wasn't paleo but didn't eat processed foods and ate mostly local and organic (I think he respected my paleo eating a little more after watching fat head though). That's what I want, but they are few and far between. The guy I dated before him broke up with me because I "eat too healthy". I've read enough marriage problems about paleo on this site that since I'm young I want to avoid that. I guess I just can't see myself long-term with anyone who eats a non-natural diet, grain free would be ideal, especially since I will raise my children eating grain-free. How do you guys feel about this? How big of a factor is your mate's diet?



on July 30, 2011
at 04:32 AM

Pretty big. Sharing meals is such a natural and fundamental part of a long-term committed r-ship, and if you don't have any common ground, it just becomes one of those wedge issues. Plus, it's easier to keep on the good path when you can motivate each other.

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on July 30, 2011
at 04:19 AM

Big factor for me! I went paleo after the bf and I had been together almost 1.5 years and I'm so glad he's finally got on board for the most part. I'm sure I annoy him with all my paleo-enthusiasm, but he admires that I care so much about being healthy. I seem to be really good at converting folks, so I guess if we break up, I'll just get back out there and make a new cave-boyfriend. ;)



on July 30, 2011
at 04:30 AM

I have also been told that my healthy eating is a deal-breaker. Never mind that whole depression and eczema thing that is completely in remission, no if I don't want to eat pop tarts I'm too much of a food pedant.

I would probably go for someone who was health-conscious first since they understand the importance of food, although lack of health-consciousness isn't a deal-breaker.

In this case there isn't such thing as being too picky unless you find yourself completely dateless and aren't all right with a long search.


on July 30, 2011
at 04:29 AM

I live for myself first. The rest just follows.



on July 30, 2011
at 04:28 AM

It helps to be on the same page or at least very close. Not to picky in my book. :-)

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