Is it better to eat lean conventional meat or not eat any meat?

Answered on June 20, 2019
Created October 06, 2016 at 2:17 PM

Would you say its better to cut out meat altogether or just consume the leanest cuts of coneventional farmed meats?

Asking this question mainly due to affordability but also health. Struggling to find meat thats reasonably priced but also does not contain preservatives, salt, nitrates etc. Every time i eat bacon or other heavily processed meats i feel like death. Trying to get back on the wagon since my recent problems which some of you might know of...or perhaps not? 

Thanks all!

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3 Answers


on June 20, 2019
at 07:14 AM

Generally, meat is considered unhealthy because it contains saturated fats. But a new study says that saturated fats are not harmful and it came back into the healthy food category but it depends on which meat you choose. So it is better to choose lean meat for people who eat a high carb diet or require to increase protein intake.



on October 07, 2016
at 06:09 PM

I get short ribs (an excellent fatty cut), liver, tongue, kidney, and bones including marrow, neck meat, FREE with my half steer. To Nick they won't be free, but frankly, you are not being resourceful. I ran out of liver, I bought a lamb liver from the local farmer market for four dollars, or 2 dollars/lb. And the lady was happy because no one wants it! and I live in an expensive area. That was B12 for one year and retinol for a trimester, for four bucks.



on October 07, 2016
at 03:32 PM

Just buy the cheapest cuts of grassfed meat that you can afford.  Usually these are either ground beef or stew meat.  �

Get them online if you can't find a farmer near you.  uswellnessmeats is pretty good, search for primal cuts and order them in bulk when you do.  Long as you have a deep freezer this will work out fine.

If you must, buy the leanest cuts, and don't buy deli meat.  Buy it raw and cook it yourself.

Infact, if you're not making your own meals from raw ingredients, you're wasting money.  Deli meats are expensive and unhealthy.


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