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Hi Guys, my name is Jason im from N Ireland and im 40, I found out about the site after purchasing the cookbook to give me a few ideas of meals.  I was attracted to Paleo as when i turned 40 in January I made a consious decision to live more healthly.  My wife started as a Juice plus distributor and to help her out I follwed a 12 week plan as a case study for her.  This consisted of cleaning up my diet, taking the shakes and capsuls etc etc.  The results were fantastic I went from 33% body fat till 23% lost near 2 stone of body fat and gained over 3lbs of lean muscle, my health sored with more energy, clearer mind with better concentration and just a great all round sence of wellbeing.  This gave me the motovation to look more into health and well being and I done some research on Paleo and it really reasonated with me.  Ive set a goal for 1st july this year (when i return from a stag doo in las vegas!) till 1st July 2016 to be 200lbs with 10% body fat. Im currently 213lbs with 23% body fat.  My plan is to follow a Paleo lifestyle with a 4 day weight training regime and some HIIT trainging and walking( I love walking in nature and would do 2x2 hour walks a week round a local forest park).  Any guidence from the comunity on things that worked for you guys and of course so lovely reciepies would be great.  Would also like to ask if anyone on here has done Christa Orecchio 5 ways to nuture your gut? I would love to try it unfortunatly her latest course timings done fit with my trip as it starts before i return, or if anyonme can suggest another gut cleanse programme they have had success with.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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