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Asked on July 12, 2011
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An article came to light yesterday in some of the UK's newspapers that I just thought made interesting reading. The following extract is from "The Grocer" magazine:

A charity that attacked the UK Government???s plans to allow food companies to provide financial support for public health campaigns, accepted a ??50,000 donation from Coca-Cola to promote low-calorie sweeteners, it has been revealed. The National Obesity Forum signed a deal with the company in January, just months after trustees claimed to be ???horror-struck??? at the Government???s policy of inviting companies to help fund its health programme. A spokesperson for Coca Cola said: ???Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB) and the National Obesity Forum (NOF) share a common vision to ensure health care professionals are provided with educational resources to better understand the science around low and no calorie sweeteners and their role in the diet. ??? CCGB provided the NOF with an educational fund at the beginning of this year to support its communications regarding low and no calorie sweeteners during 2011, including a refresh of the NOF website which is planned for later in the year. There is no product endorsement as part of this affiliation???

So, definitely no endorsement there then :S

Anybody have any other examples of 'donations' that show the infiltration of big business to influence by suggestion and association rather than directly?

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