In YOUR experience, what are the paleo claims that are "hardest to swallow" for non-converts?

Asked on August 21, 2014
Created August 21, 2014 at 10:26 AM

People criticize paleo for a lot of reasons. What tenets do people bash the most, or most frustratingly, in your experience?

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4 Answers


on August 22, 2014
at 12:01 AM

Anything related to replacing a modern doctor. If you do XYZ, you'll never have to see a doctor again!

If I break a bone, I don't care how much coconot oil I eat, or how much bacon grease I rub on it, things wont get better until I go to a doctor!

N=1's are great...but when personally, starts being used for every-Body...that makes me nervous. Also, anything done on mice that somehow relates to humans...that one I've never understood.




on August 21, 2014
at 10:42 PM

I am fairly sure the hardest to swallow is that saturated fat is healthy, healthier than bread or pasta.

The next one is that pasta is unhealthy.

Then that best health is obtained by increasing fats.

I concur that red meat is bad for you is a good one. One of the families in my meat club dropped out because the wife decided they are eating too much red meat (husband and two teenage sons eat it with great gusto), which should be eaten once a week. She looks like my grandma with all that pasta.



on August 23, 2014
at 10:52 PM

What makes oyu think that the "red meat is bad for us" is true?

I eating more red meat (all grass fed / grass finsished) than I ever had. CAFO beef might be a different story.

My GP loves my weight, my shape (waist circ) and my labs.

take a look at http://eatingacademy.com/nutrition/is-red-meat-killing-us



on August 24, 2014
at 12:58 AM

"red meat is bad for you" is a popular comment of the antipaleo crowd. My meat club buys a steer every year, that should tell you how much I agree with that.


on August 21, 2014
at 07:46 PM

What I hear most often from SAD eaters that frustrates me, because these beliefs are still out there...

1) Fat makes you fat.

2) Red meat is bad for you.

3) My cholesterol would go up if I ate like that.

4) Everyone knows all kids need to drink milk to grow up healthy.

5) That paleo thing, that's a super low-carb diet, right?

6) The food pyramid is taught in schools and researched by government scientists, so it must be right.

7) It says in the Bible that bread is the staff of life, so I'm eating it.


***does face palm and sighs***

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on August 24, 2014
at 04:05 PM

@mismiddlemarch, I also here the "bread is in the bible" line a lot. People don't realize they're not eating the same kind of bread.

I feel like the most frustrating thing is when people KNOW they're eating too much starch, but they just say, "Well I don't really have the self-control to eat that way." What a self-defeating mindset...

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