IgG, Microbiology Analysis, CRP, SCD, Personal Paleo Code: Are these too difficult for a special needs adult to attempt

Asked on October 17, 2012
Created October 17, 2012 at 1:01 PM

I'm the mother of a 28 yo son who still lives at home. He has VCFS (Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, aka DiGeorge, aka 22qDeletion) and has cognitive difficulties. He was diagnosed with Crohn's 3 yrs ago and just had his first flare and 5day hospitalization (antis, NPO 2d, liquids 2d). I'm doing the SCD for him while he's on leave from work for 6 wks recovering (Prednisone side effects). GI wants to taper 2mths of Prednisone to Remicade. I want to taper to only SCD and no meds.

We saw a naturopath yesterday who recommended IgG testing, Microbioogy Analysis (yeast and such), CRP, Cortisol. From a variety of searches I see IgG is controversial at best since there is no scientific literature to back it up. Read all Dr. Kresser's posts that mention IgG. So I know where he stands on it. I'm anxious to taper off Prednisone but to do the IgG test, ND recommends keeping him on the high dose until target foods are elminated and diet plan is worked out so he doesn't flare on unknown trigger. Which means all the side effects of Pred will continue and keep him from performing his daily job. Fortunately we didn't fork out the $450 for IgG yesterday (a fortunate fluke) as my research on it is now telling me not to go ahead with it.

So thinking of tapering Prednisone to Asacol or LDN (if GI is willing, which is doubtful) and doing SCD for him and tweak.

Does anyone have a minor or special needs adult son with Crohn's that they've managed using this approach or the Personal Paleo Code? I could help him do the PPC but wonder if that might even be too difficult for him since he has a very difficult time telling me how he feels (neg. digestion signs, BM, hydration, blood pressure, racing heart-Prednisone...). Are the other tests worth doing? Or should I just scrap the whole ND thing and keep doing SCD with him?

The more I research the more confused I become since it's not for me, it's for another being who can't express himself.

Welcome any and all thoughts.

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