I promised to tell you... :) Keep reading if you binged/cheated and want to turn back to paleo :)

Commented on September 07, 2013
Created April 27, 2013 at 3:29 PM

Hello again :)

I do not expect that someone here remembers when I did a paleo proclamation just 3 weeks ago. But I feel the change inside me and it is so real and so worth it, that I wanted to tell what I went through for those of you who struggle with going back on track. Because that is the hardest part of the game: to make one more time and one more time and ONE MORE time the right choice: even in hard times.


So, my story ( I promise I'll keep it short!)

Around the end of october 2012 I went paleo. Just for one day and said to myself I just want to be real. No diets more. I included weight training.

I was strictly paleo with occasional cheats with chocolate till the end of march 2013, when I totally burned out because of financial problems, 24/7 studying, loneliness and permanent pressure (by that time I had 4 pack and 13-14 percent BF, super sexy physic).And every of that problem was not just a little bit of a problem, but an elephant-one. :D

So, my decision was: to overeat. With grains, sugar, everything. 10 000 cals + netto. No training. I went on a vacation to my parents and slept all day. When I didnt sleep I ate or went out with friends.

So, it helped.

But just for a while.

And when I woke up of that dream I wanted to go back paleo, but I felt so guilty and so stuffed and inflamated and so shitty that I began to hate myself and the rest of the world. I thought paleo is not worth it. I began to think like every other person that finds excuses and hinds from the truth behind a candy bar and the "everything in moderation".

So I asked you for help. I wanted to go back on track but it sucked so much doing the first step.

And one guy here told me to go paleo for 30 days and than decide if it is worth it to do it for the rest of my life.

My results: The first day was hard. I felt guilty and lost.

The second day was easier.

After the second week I felt that I can do everything. Because I overcame myself and my ego and finally did that one more step that every successful man speaks about. The step in the dark.

After my third week I saw my abs again, gained strength and cleared my mind.

I can say that I didnt went paleo in october 2013. I went paleo just 2-3 days ago. I am now changed. From the inside out.

Just do NOT give up :) Give it a try. Every damn day. And feel and be your best! It IS worth it :)

Yours, Penelope



on September 07, 2013
at 01:28 AM

good for you athena.. living up to ur name..:) !



on April 27, 2013
at 03:34 PM

Okay sorry, wanted just to share with others :) Hoped that it could help someone :)



on April 27, 2013
at 03:33 PM

I'm very happy for you that you found something that is changing you and working for oyu, but this isn't a question, and this isn't your blog.

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on April 28, 2013
at 01:33 AM

It's nice to hear and we'll done.

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