I'm not hunger in this last days , help me

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 07, 2012 at 1:41 PM

I m in paleo , so everyday I eat vegetables with meat/fish.. and I feel tired of eat fish/meat so my hunger is actually very low and I just feel like a want to eat sugars as chocolate. I'm have not depression , so i think it's not a depression problem... what can happening? SHould I be warned? for now im not eating..a part chocolate (dark) .. im listening my body. here in Italy is also hot so too much difficult to be hunger

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on August 07, 2012
at 01:58 PM

Hot weather can definitely decrease appetite for me. Sometimes in the peak of a hot, Canadian summer, I'll only feel like eating watery fruits such as oranges.

Also, very-low-carb + fibrous vegetables is the ultimate appetite killer for me. Good for weight loss, but not good for somebody who has a hard time keeping on weight (me!). I'm not sure of your situation, but if you're looking to increase your appetite, try throwing some more fruit into the mix. I also find that jumping right out of bed in the morning and doing some quick, vigorous exercise (like going for little jog, or something a little dirtier) will get my appetite going for the day.

But if you're successfully losing weight and feeling good, I'd say just listen to your body and wait until you're hungry again.



on August 07, 2012
at 01:47 PM

Fluctuating appetite is pretty normal on Paleo. A typical Paleo life would see periods of overconsumption (when food was available) and underconsumption (when food was scarce). Today, we live in a world where food is always available. Eat when your hungry. Eat what you feel like eating while still staying Paleo. You will be fine.



on August 07, 2012
at 04:56 PM

I've had days where I'm not hungry and I just don't eat. But if it goes on for multiple days then your body is not telling your brain something. you need to figure that out. If your problem is that you are bored with what you are eating, try something new. Fish/ Meat and veggeies can come together in a lot of different ways.

There are a lot of Paleo-style food blogs out there, here's one: http://www.thefoodee.com/

if looking at those pictures doesn't get you hungry, I'm not sure what will :)

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