I love eating paleo, I have energy and sleep better, but I'm gaining weight?

Answered on September 26, 2013
Created September 25, 2013 at 5:02 PM

I've been eating paleo for about 2 weeks. Prior to eating paleo, I stuck to a healthy diet of whole grains, minimal dairy (almond milk), basically paleo but with whole grains and beans for about two weeks. Before this 4 weeks of healthy eating, I was basically eating crap fast food 4 meals a day. I've never been overweight, always slim but with a bit of a tummy. That was my basic reason for the change. During the two weeks of eating healthy (not paleo) I lost weight and felt that my stomach was flatter and enjoyed it.

Basically, I thought paleo would accelerate that great feeling and weight loss. I'm 5'9, 140 pounds and 19 years old (female)

I want to stay committed to paleo but I don't like that my stomach is bloated more now than eating healthy foods and counting calories. I do estimate calories on paleo, and work out 5 days a week.

Here's what my daily food intake is like:

Breakfast- 1 egg, about 1/2 cup egg whites mixed together with spinach, green pepper and tomato; scrambled (it's my fav meal of the day!) with a coffee (almond milk and protein powder because I do lift weights when I work out and would like to gain muscle) I know the protein powder isn't paleo but it's my only cheat.

Lunch- Medium sized spinach salad with peppers and tomatoes, homemade balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing and some type of lean meat (see dinner description for types)

Dinner- lean or grass fed meat such as chicken or lean ground beef and vegetables fried up (peppers, onions, zucchini) I use salmon or tilapia instead of the meat sometimes

Snacks aren't often, I don't feel very hungry during the day and I drink a lot of water and maybe 3 coffees a day (I work early 8-5 and I'm awful at being awake early hours lol) or salad instead of the vegetables (same salad as lunch)

When I do snack, it's an apple or something, I don't eat fruit often and I try not to buy much of it.

Can you see any reason why I'm gaining weight? I know some of it's probably muscle but my stomach is bloated! I also don't have as regular of bowel movements as I used to (sorry for too much information lol) which might be part of it, how could I fix that?

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on September 26, 2013
at 02:43 PM

Looks like your diet needs more fat. I would eat the whole egg in the morning and not restrict your lunch/dinner to just lean meat.

Also, if your stomach is bloated and you don't have regular bowel movements, you may just need to be more regular to reduce the bloating. Eat more fruit and green leafy vegetables (not just lettuce-type of veggies).

I did experience more bloating in the first few weeks of going paleo. I attributed it to part of my digestive system getting used to being grain free. You may just need more time before the bloating stops.

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on September 25, 2013
at 07:04 PM

5'9 and 140 is quite lean. Even more so if you are muscular. You likely look great. Ditch the scale and enjoy feeling wonderful.



on September 25, 2013
at 06:41 PM

Ditch the egg whites and ditch the lean meat. Everything full fat. That will give you satiety and hold your weight down.

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on September 25, 2013
at 05:25 PM

I've been Paleo for about 3 months now. I research obsessively and feel like I'm just BARELY getting the hang of it and I still have a lot to learn. It's not something simple you can figure out in two days and adopt for two weeks. I'm currently reading the book "Perfect Health Diet."

As the cow said, forget about egg whites. Paleo is about eating the whole food/animal - and in fact if you're picking one or the other, just eat the yolk. The whites are optional.

On your salad, avoid using vegetable or soybean or canola oil based dressing at all costs. I usually make my own dressing with olive oil since it's hard to buy healthy stuff in a store. Coconut oil is another option if you dig a slightly coconutty salad.

Don't eat lean meats too often - don't avoid the fatty stuff. It keeps you satisfied longer and has a better nutrient profile. I stick with dark meat chicken and put lots of butter on my steaks. It's important to get adequate fats in your diet. It's not about being low-carb, just realizing that the human body is literally designed to run mostly on fat. You eat carbs and your body turns it into fat. You eat protein and your body turns it into carbs. Why not skip ahead to the fat?

Your appetite will become easier to control - even self-regulating - as you adjust your diet to fit your needs. Make sure you're getting all your nutrients and eating balance. It sounds like you eat a lot of the same stuff again and again. Shoot for a little more variety. Research and learn as much as you can. It's a simple diet on the surface and you can do well by simply avoiding grains, legumes, and processed foods, but you need to do some research. Coming here and asking questions is an excellent start. Keep it up!


on September 25, 2013
at 05:09 PM

I haven't been going by scale, purely by the way my body looks, but thank you! I'll give it more time for sure and try to add some sweet potatoes. I've heard dried prunes help with bowel problems, anybody tried that?

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on September 25, 2013
at 05:07 PM

Forget the scale, give it more time, ditch the egg whites and use the entire egg. Maybe add in a sweet potato or some other starch will help with bowel. Two weeks is not near enough time to evaluate, think months. I didn't get on a scale for the first 6 months of cutting grains.

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