I have Neuro Lyme disease... Feel so much worse 11 days into Paleo Diet

Commented on January 16, 2012
Created January 16, 2012 at 7:28 PM

I've been suffering from Lyme disease x 5 years. Antibiotics and other treatments have not helped and I've only gotten worse. I'm 11 days into the Paleo diet and I'm having what feels like severe die off and flaring of symptoms. Is this to be expected ? i.e. not just flu like stuff, but off the wall anxiety that Xanax doesn't help, shaking, trembling, cold to the bone, body aches, crying jags, off balance, head stabbing pains in the back of the head, spine pain, the list goes on.. Thanks in advance..

Instead of cutting out like sugar one week, then dairy the next, etc., I cut out all the bad stuff at once. I now know this was wrong, but 11 days in, I don't re-introduce anything and just ride it out.

I have blood flow issues to the brain from the infections, and even the are flaring, or so it feels. Doing everything I can do, including enemas to detox.

Thanks again...



on January 16, 2012
at 07:42 PM

Ill bet you haven't eaten carbs in 11 days, and your liver is empty. Your body doesn't like it. For all that is good, stop the enemas and whatever 'detox' is and eat some carbohydrates. Sweet Potato, or White Potato, or Rice. Bet you feel much better after.


on January 16, 2012
at 07:40 PM

please see a doctor as these symptoms can be life-threatening. once you have seen one, you can re-ask the question. you should also search through our questions to learn more about the dangers of enemas and other "detoxing" methods.



on January 16, 2012
at 07:39 PM

List of foods you have eaten for the last 11 days, aproximate.

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on January 16, 2012
at 07:36 PM

try exercising for anxiety. its really effective

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