I am new to the Paleo diet so I need all the input and advice I can get.

Answered on October 27, 2013
Created October 27, 2013 at 3:55 AM

I am new to the Paleo diet so I need all the input and advice I can get.

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on October 27, 2013
at 05:58 AM

Welcome! I'm relatively new to Paleo!

My first tip would be to pick one thing to eliminate at a time, like gluten, then other grains (ex: oats, rice), legumes (bye bye peanut butter), dairy (if you choose to do so. Otherwise, switch to plain, full fat) rather than doing it all at once. If you are really struggling to get rid of something, consider switching to a more acceptable alternative for a bit. I have eaten toast with breakfast, usually whole grain bread with peanut butter, for years. When I was first transitioning, I switched to glutenfree bread or a frozen waffle with almond or sunflower butter. Gluten free, but processed. Now, I'm no longer eating any grains (except for the occasional gluten free energy bar) but I keep a box of frozen gf waffles in the freezer in case I'm really craving

Get rid of soda and highly caloric beverages

Try to cut down your sugar intake so your body gets used to things that aren't quite as sweet. After being Paleo for a month or two, consider trying the 21 Day Sugar Detox (you don't even really need to buy the program; just don't eat any added sugar or fruit except one green tipped banana/green apple a day, and few starchy carbs unless you're an athlete)

Focus on nutrient dense foods and don't fear fat, especially animal fat (there are a lot of new Paleos that get all their fat from coconut oil/almond butter)

Eat a variety of protein sources, not JUST eggs and chicken or bacon and ground beef. I live alone, so I have leftovers often, but I try to have fish/shrimp once a week, chicken/other poultry at least once, red meat twice and eggs for dinner the rest of the time

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on October 27, 2013
at 05:36 AM

Define your goals and don't get swayed into all the crazy offshoot things you are going to read about. I won't mention them so as not to give them a platform for the crazies to invade.



on October 27, 2013
at 05:32 AM


Read read read. I started with "It Starts With Food." I really like this book, I gave a copy to my mom and my sister. marksdailyapple.com is always good. perfecthealthdiet.com another good one. Also check out the Weston A. Price foundation. Also, pubmed.

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on October 27, 2013
at 04:03 AM

Take it slow. Transitioning too suddenly from a more conventional diet, even if it was "healthy" by conventional wisdom standards, to a more Paleolithic diet can leave your gut flora confused and cause you lots of trouble.

Also, if you're radically shifting your macronutrients (for instance going for low carb after eating moderate-high carb) your metabolism may take a while to catch up.

So don't go too suddenly cutting out all the grains/beans and upping the fat and such. Take it slow if you're comfortable with your will power. Your body will thank you and you won't end up throwing away as much stuff from your pantry.

Also - do lots of research and do your best to understand the science of this stuff.

Also also - track your nutrients from time to time with a tool like cronometer.com so you can make sure you're not sabatosing yourself.

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