How often do you eat on the Paleo Diet?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created February 26, 2012 at 1:15 AM

Ello, I am wondering if theres a specific schedule to have to follow while on the Paleo Diet. For example, eating every 3 hours or ONLY eating when you're HUNGRY. Thank you, looking forward to your answers!

Might I add, my Goal is to get rid of body fat and gain muscle. I workout 3 times a week, about 2-3hrs.



on February 26, 2012
at 02:28 AM

I'm with ben....actually today's lunch was a sushi buffet after a heavy lifting session and I haven't been hungry enough for a full dinner so about 10-15 pistachio nuts and I'm done, but this is a bit unusual for me.



on February 26, 2012
at 02:26 AM

I eat lunch and dinner. That's it. I never ate breakfast as an adult though, even before eating paleo

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on February 26, 2012
at 01:59 AM

I go with the "follow your own schedule" on this one, because I think it can be very based on what you are doing that day, how many hours you are up and about, how much sleep you got etc.

For example, on weekends, I like to have a bit of a sleep in with a lazy morning. Wake up at nine, read my novel, hang around in bed, sip a pot of tea- I usually don't end up eating until noon, and then I end up eating just two meals a day for Saturday/Sunday. Week days I tend to be out the door by 7 am and not back until late, so I need more frequent food to keep me feeling energized and satisfied- probably three meals, maybe one snack. This works for me, as it fits with my schedule and it's what makes me feel good. My boyfriend eats more frequently than me- he doesn't have the time to sit down and dig into a big meal in the middle of the day, so he just eats when he can and doesn't worry too much about the timing.

Eat when your hungry in a way that works with your schedule. Don't worry too much about trying to follow a pre-set plan.


on February 26, 2012
at 01:22 AM

There are no rules on this one. Some people eat once a day others every three hours. And everything in between. You want to try to eat according to your hunger but that's not always possible. Do what feels right for you and what works with your daily schedule.



on February 26, 2012
at 01:27 AM

It's whatever works for you. Once you're dialed in with getting your hormones and metabolism under control, you can trust your body's hunger signals. There are days where I basically eat all day long, there are days where I skip lunch, and there are days like today where it's 6:30 in the evening and all I've had is breakfast (and I still don't feel hungry, I feel great right now, BTW). So if you're dialed in, just eat when you're hungry and eat to satiation.

If you're not dialed in, then you'll get lots of advice. What worked for me was to eat just at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a 4th snack sometime when it was convenient. Others say to eat many small meals, and yet others will say to try a compressed eating window. I don't know what's best, I just know what worked for me.


on February 26, 2012
at 03:10 AM

Whenever I am hungry but I am playing with intermittent fasting (Eating in an 8 hour window).



on February 26, 2012
at 01:16 AM

Nope. Whatever works best for your lifestyle. I work at home, so I eat when I am hungry.


on February 26, 2012
at 01:35 PM

During the week I have a big meat breakfast with no carbs (from vegetables/fruits). Because I have school I just skip lunch and have no problems, actually its quite freeing. Around 5 I cook myself a large dinner (steak or pork chops or hamburgers or seafood etc..), sweet potato and sometimes mushrooms or brocolli and than fast again to breakfast. However on the weekends after shopping at the market I tend to eat three meals. It seems to all balance out to a very satisfying lifestyle. Do what works for you though. Some can't skip meals due to stress or hunger.


on February 26, 2012
at 12:24 PM

Usually, I just have coffee or tea until I get home from work around 3-4. I usually have my biggest meal around then. I work out around 6-7 and then I have another big (usually carby) meal after my work out. I tried eating breakast before work for a week or two, but it just wasn't working for me.



on February 26, 2012
at 10:56 AM

My Experience is that my blood glucose are more stabilised after going Paleo. Now I'm having tree meals pr day, before that I had 6 meals pr day.

I'm just listen to my body, and suggests you just listen to yours...



on February 26, 2012
at 09:19 AM

I'm not going to tell you how many times I eat. Listen to YOUR body. Eat when you are hungry. If I eat 3 times on a Monday, this does not mean you have to eat 3 times on a Monday. Maybe the following Monday I will only eat twice or go mad and have 4 meals! That will be my bodies choice. Not what somebody on a message board has decided for me.
I know a lot of people seem to want to do clockwork paleo where they only eat certain foods at certain times, like pre and post workout special meals or bison steak because it's a Thursday or they have a designated fasting day so they wont eat on that day. All of this organisation is unnatural. Like I said, listen to your body.



on February 26, 2012
at 06:47 AM

I agree with the others, do what feels right. It took me a little while to figure out what works best for me. What I do now is eat two meals a day, a fatty breakfast and a fatty dinner, but neither meal is too excessive. This removes the stress of having to pack lunch for uni and if I don't add too many carbs I have energy all day!

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on February 26, 2012
at 04:35 AM

I'm with everyone else in that it's an "on your own schedule" type of thing. When I was working part time, I would skip breakfast and eat a big lunch (before work) and a big dinner after work. Now that I'm working full time and I have to work out early in the morning, I tend to get in my three meals a day (post workout, then lunch, and dinner). Typically (if calories matter) around 800-1,000 calories per meal with no snacking in between meals.


on February 26, 2012
at 03:46 AM

I find that 70% of the time I'll eat two big meals in a day. Sometimes I snack, sometimes I don't. I think the key point here is that there are no set rules for when to eat.



on February 26, 2012
at 03:17 AM

I typically eat 2 times a day. I will occasionally have a small snack depending on my activities/meal timing for that day. This is what works best for me, I am a female 20 year old college student athlete. I feel best when I fast nightly for 12-16 hours regularly with an occasional 18 - 22 hour fast (3 times a month?). I feel less bloated if I do some fasting.



on February 26, 2012
at 02:54 AM

I eat from 1 to 4 times a day, depending on schedule, workout, what I ate yesterday etc. I rarely get hungry, and when I'm hungry I can have massive meals and easily consume 2000 kcal in a single sitting. I am a grad student, so my days are really flexible and I usually end up with 2 meals a day.



on February 26, 2012
at 01:29 AM

Like 2-3 times a day. I fast about once every 10 days and rarely feel hungry.


on September 05, 2012
at 11:45 PM

You're training up to nine hours a week in the gym? What daily calorie and protein intake are you on? What does your routine and split look like.


on September 05, 2012
at 10:25 PM

Thanks for all the great info we just started paleo and it's Definantly freeing!

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on February 26, 2012
at 01:17 AM

every three hours

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