How many have read the orginal" Stone Age Diet"?

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The "Stone Age Diet"

Book(s): "Eat Fat and Grow Slim" by Dr Richard Mackarness, MB, BS, DPM. Originally Published 1958 (Harvill Press). Issued in Fontana Paperbacks 1961. Revised and Extended 1975 (Fontana/Collins)

Basic Philosophy: The Author, Richard Mackarness, was the doctor who ran Britain's first obesity and food allergy clinic. The book merges anecdotal observations from this clinic with a comprehensive review of all medical evidence throughout the world *up to the mid-1970*s. In the 1975 edition, this includes a historical analysis of diets from Harvey-Banting to Robert Atkins and Herman Taller, and features the work of Blake Donaldson, Vilhjalmur Stefansson and Alfred Pennington, who all promoted an Inuit-style meat-only diet. Mackarness extols the virtues of Pemmican, discusses food allergies, examines carbohydrate addiction and touches on related psychology.


If so keeping comments relative to the understanding of the time of the publishing date.

I had a second question but will post it separately.


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... and if you haven't read it, here it is in PDF form: http://cybernaut.com.au/optimal_nutrition/information/library/eat_fat.pdf

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