How many calories an average dude should eat on Paleo?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created September 21, 2012 at 5:11 PM

I'm 5'10, 180lbs, 39 yo dude? How many calories an active dude like me should eat on Paleo?



on September 21, 2012
at 05:23 PM

A wide range exists depending on your goals, workout regimen, and body composition. It can vary as wide as 10-18 grams/lb. However, you shouldn't need to count calories. YOu should become in tune with your body so that you know when you are dropping or gaining.

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on September 21, 2012
at 05:17 PM


First you need to identify your goals. Are you trying to maintain? Increase mass? Just be healthy regardless of weight? etc.

Once you have identified your goal, start to eat to maximize your goals. As you eliminate sugar, dairy, and processed carbs, you will start to learn how to listen to your body. Once you get to a baseline, then you need to eat as much as your energy demands. For some this could be 1800 calories, for others it could be 3200 calories.

However, unless you are struggling to meet your goals, I would discourage calorie counting. Eat healthy and according to your goals! Your body will guide you the rest of the way.



on September 21, 2012
at 06:22 PM

As many as you are hungry for.


on September 22, 2012
at 05:09 AM

As long as you don't eat any more than this guy you'll be fine

In 1995 a BBC Arena programme estimated Elvis???s daily intake at 94,000 calories a day. For comparison, the typical diet of an adult Asian elephant contains 50,000 calories a day.



on September 21, 2012
at 06:53 PM

About 1000-5000.

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