How is paleo perceived in your country?

Answered on January 03, 2014
Created January 03, 2014 at 10:13 AM

I consider travelling long term, and I am curious to know how "paleo" is perceived in different countries. Is it percecived as a strange diet? Has the media shown the paleo movement in TV?

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2 Answers


on January 03, 2014
at 11:25 PM

I'm in the US as well and it's pretty one much just another one of the many niche/fad diets you can find here.

I consider it a niche diet rather than a fad, since it actually does have some solid usefulness and much of the ideas behind it stands on solid footing. The whole crowd-sourced basis of the diet has its frustrations at times though.

My SO has even had waiters here in Oregon clue in when he's ordering dinner that he's doing Paleo due to food choices.


on January 03, 2014
at 05:33 PM

I'm from Arkansas, USA. If I ever tell anyone about the diet they either look at me like I'm crazy or write it off as a fad diet. Most haven't even heard of it. There are a few people who are interested but completely disagree with many fundamentals - why no legumes, why no corn if it doesn't have gluten. A lot are close-minded too! If I try to explain something, they don't want to listen just because it goes against what they've believed all their lives.

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