How have you UPGRADED your diet?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 08, 2012 at 12:46 AM

For me, I use a 20/4 IF window to make weight for my last 2 fights. Which resulted in the easiest way to make weight & not feel like sh*t training or complaining about being hungry. The results were almost instantly. Team mates where astonished how I dropped 12LBS overnight without sweating as I bragged about my 2.5 lbs of lamb & yams dinner. Currently, I use a Warrior diet (undereating 16/8) as a maintenance diet.

I see IF as a secret weapon which from my opinion shouldn't be used all the time if scale weight is a concern. My next goal is to play around with the training low competing high concept.

What have you changed about your "Paleo Diet" which resulted in YOUR MOST AWESOME results? Is it supplements? Adding dairy? A double shot of Coconut oil w/ your coffee? Elaborate on how/why it worked for you.

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on August 08, 2012
at 05:23 AM

Well, first of all, when I started on Paleo, my body was about as uplifting as an airplane crash. I've had health problems since I was three, and adding all sorts of ailments through the years. At the beginning of 2012 I noticed that my vigorous workout plan (4 times a week) was failing, and the nearest I came to a gym was a mention on my calendar. This resulted in my body gathering fat like it was the new thing to do. I went from pudgy to round, ending up at "firm" (insert sarcasm).

Generally unhappy about the state of myself, I started Paleo just to feel better, the weightloss was an added bonus. After about a month I noticed some benefits in general well-being, a month later some of my ailments were in complete remission. My body seemed to reconfigure itself, and by May most of the ailments were gone. I even went to the beach this summer for the first time in five years! Previously psoriasis had me walking around covered like an Arab housewife in blistering heat. All the worries that I had about chronic illnesses are gone (no more looking for toilets in public places, no vigorous rubbing with corticosteroid creams). I do have some spots and scars left, but they don't bother me.

In June I started a light workout plan: resulting in plateauing and even weight gain. Halfway June I decided to go for paleo-keto and stuck to that ever since. I had the luck that I did not experience keto-flu, and that I did not go through the smelly part. Female friends remarked that my sweat smelled like candy, and they actually liked the scent. One even wanted to.. no, that's 18+.. Now I have noticed that my body has started to bulge in unexpected places: my arms have developed muscles, my former male boobs have retracted to non-existence. As per 1 August I have started to upgrade to IF, and I have lost 2lbs in about 1.5 weeks.

I do not know where the journey will bring me -and honestly I do not care much-, but God, what a journey it is!


on August 08, 2012
at 08:13 AM

I actually started IFing prior to going Paleo. Once I made the switch to a 100% Paleo diet, the weight fell off. It was awesome, and at that point I was doing a 16/8 approach and slowly worked my way to a 20/4 IF.

The second seismic shift in my diet was when I incorporated a 24 hour fast once or twice per week. Eat dinner around 7 PM and not eat again until 7 PM the next day. Bam. Huge weight loss again. And this was no small meal, it would be one, 1600 calorie feast of pure Paleo lovin'.


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