How good is paleo for superficial aging? Does paleo make you look younger?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 25, 2013 at 7:17 PM

I'm about looking younger than you are, like when people say "o they look so young for their age."

How do you think paleo affects skin health? The breakdown of collagen is a key component of aging skin and getting wrinkle

Of the people you know who have been paleo for a significant duration, how do they seem to be aging? Do you they look good for their age?

In your person experience, how has paleo affected our appearance? Do you look younger? Do you think it's helping you age?

One point of concern for me is the study I read that stated ketosis induces the production of AGEs which accelerate aging.

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6 Answers


on March 25, 2013
at 08:44 PM

Well I don't know as far as only diet wise but I used to work for a plastic surgeon many years and the worst thing for aging your skin he would say is sun exposure. I know part of the whole paleo lifestyle seems to encourage vitamin D from the sun and getting outside so that could have a larger effect on wrinkles than diet.



on March 25, 2013
at 10:27 PM

Too young to tell. I do look older now, but come on, I am getting older. I have no idea how food could prevent wrinkles. I remember reading a bunch of studies a while back that came to the conclusion that people that consumed the most vitamin c or linoleic acid had the least amount of wrinkles compared to those who didn't.

If you were to look at it from an oxidation point of view, fructose and PUFA's would be the worst for your skin, but fruit has a lot of vitamin c for collagen, and a lot of PUFA rich foods are rich in Vitamin E, which is also good for your skin. So it ends up being a double edge sword.



on March 25, 2013
at 08:51 PM

I find increase in fats smooths out the face, especially olive oil. You get this "glow" from it.



on March 25, 2013
at 08:48 PM

It's actually been very helpul. First of all, sugars in the diet (which includes refined carbs) is probably one of the top causes of wrinkles. The other is sunlight. Oddly enough, a diet low in sugar and high in anti-oxidents (fresh veggies!) increases your tolerance for sunlight. I had a hard time believing that until I realized how much more sun my wife and I can stand before turning pink.

Second, the healthy fats seem to give my skin a healthy glow. I've had comments from people that my skin looks really good, especially for may age (almost 50, with almost no wrinkles at all).

Finally, with my giant beach ball tummy almost gone and my pant size almost to my late 20s, I look way younger than my peers.

I'd have to say that in almost all aspects, the paleo diet and lifestyle (gotta exercise) has turned back the clock quite a few years for me.



on March 25, 2013
at 07:59 PM

Before paleo


After paleo




on March 25, 2013
at 07:56 PM

I don't know about looking younger but being paleo, and therefore fit for my age, keeps me behaving younger than I am. Any other 64 year olds been sledging down snow drifts today on their backsides?

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