How abrupt was the paleo/neo transition?

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Anthropology buffs, please indulge me. What does the evidence show when any particular tribal group or locality abandoned the paleo lifestyle and entered the Neolithic? I mean, certainly we have to examine each locality separately, because the global transition would have been slowed by the scattered nature of adaptation, happening thousands of years later in one place compared to another, etc., etc., I hope you get my meaning.

I'm just wondering how quickly the deleterious effects show up, when a group abandons their paleo lifestyle (the authentic kind, not to be confused with our pale modern imitation).

If my hunch is correct, and the transition is abrupt, I think we can conclude that even a little bit of carbohydrates in your system ought to be enough to disqualify you from any medical analysis of ancestral health. You're poisoned, and irrelevant, and we shouldn't waste time studying poisoned populaces.

There's no such thing as being half paleo. You're either in it all the way, or you're a SAD sack.

Sounds harsh, I know. C'mon, flame me for it!


on February 24, 2012
at 12:33 AM

See the FAQ about anthropology discussions. This has also been discussed ad nauseum in threads about the paleolithic. Furthermore it's kind of hilarious to consider the ancestral condition for primates (that of a plant-based diet) the neolithic one. There is also no way to study the transition in living humans since it occured before history. Most hunter-gatherers are horticulturalists.

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