Hit the wall Finally

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 29, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Well its not so much a question, as much as a comment. I've been slowly weening myself of sugar and grains for the past week, the past two days I have had none. Today I think I finally hit the wall, got the braing Fuzz, feel a little week even after 9 hours of sleep. Ah must push through! No donuts, no chips........push thru!

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on June 29, 2010
at 12:13 PM

Here, have some fat. {passes coconut milk}

A toast (NOT that kind) to your success.


on June 29, 2010
at 03:43 PM

I personally never hit the carbohydrate wall, but my other digestive problems may have outweighed my ability to notice this.

Good luck! Just remember, it will pass and you will feel more energetic in the end.


on June 29, 2010
at 01:05 PM

You are doing just fine! Keep at it and eat a nice fatty steak with a load of lovely vegetables. It'll make you feel better! :)


on June 29, 2010
at 12:58 PM


It lasted only one day for me, so chances are good you'll be over it in no time. Don't think about other foods, try to stay busy and you'll be over it before you know it!

Best of luck.


on June 30, 2010
at 02:13 AM

Good luck! and pack on some yummy fats. Recently I discovered the semi-soft frying cheese... omg together with butter and eggs? heaven. if you eat dairy of course...

anyway -find whatever you love that's healthy and eat it. You will be surprised how fast the carbs cravings disappear!

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